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SAP NetWeaver Business Client (NWBC): The Recommended Frontend Technology for SAP TDMS 4.0

SAP TDMS is now available for NWBC Release 3.5 and NWBC Release 4.0. Although you can always access TDMS 4.0 using the web browser, we recommend that you work with NWBC for the following advantages:

  • A high-fidelity UI providing a richer user experience.

       Also, the rendering of user interfaces is better in NWBC as compared to browsers. Web Dynpro user interfaces often experience  rendering issues in certain browsers and sometimes in certain versions of a browser. However, these kind of issues do not occur in NWBC.

  • The tabbed approach available in NWBC 4.0 ensures that your desktop is not cluttered with multiple windows open at the same time.

        With NWBC, every new screen opens up in a new tab keeping your desktop organized and facilitating easy navigation between different screens.

        Another great feature in NWBC 4.0 is that you can access the navigation panel from any screen you are in. In the web browser this is possible only in the TDMS Control Center.



  • The switch between web based UIs and SAP GUI UIs (wherever applicable) is totally seamless. There are some web based UIs in TDMS on which actions trigger calls to SAP GUI UIs. If you are using the web browser, you are presented with a dialog box to open or save SAP GUI shortcut files followed by the opening of the SAP GUI screen in a new window. In NWBC 4.0, the same SAP GUI screens simply open up in a new tab making the transition very smooth.
  • NWBC is free of cost and we already ship all the necessary roles along with TDMS.

See SAP Note 1029940 for information about the prerequisites for the NetWeaver Business Client. If the release requirements are met, you can run transaction TDMS_CFGCHK in the SAPGUI in the customer system. Choose the NWBC 3.5/NWBC 4.0 radio button and execute to run the configuration checks. You can also view the results of the run. If any of the results have a red status, carry out the action mentioned beside it. After you make the corrections, run SAP TDMS again.

You can download the most recent NWBC for Desktop versions and patches from SAP Service Marketplace at In the Software Downloads area, choose  Support Packages and Patches  A-Z Index  and search for the keyword NETWEAVER BUSINESS CLIENT.

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