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Professors and Students Learn About “Big Data” Analytics with SAP HANA at SAP Startup Forum Boston

Professors and students from SAP University Alliances members Bentley University and Suffolk University attended the SAP Startup Forum Boston. They spent a day learning, collaborating, and networking with thought leaders focused on big data trends and technologies.

Agenda highlights:

·      Introduction to the SAP HANA platform: how companies leverage this breakthrough in-memory database for true real-time insight to optimize performance.

·      Keynote by Dr. Sam Madden, Director of Big Data at MIT’s Computer Science Artificial Intelligence Lab (video profile).

·      The SAP Startup Focus Program: how SAP engages with start-ups interested in developing applications on SAP HANA. More information on the SAP Startup Focus Program is attached.

·      Pitches by 15-20 Big Data startups competing to attract support and investment from SAP and venture capital firms to develop apps using SAP HANA.

They gained insights on how SAP HANA uniquely enables organizations to leverage their “Big Data” for true real-time insights, and how startup firms envision building innovative apps on SAP HANA.


“Thank you for including Bentley University in the SAP Startup Forum Boston. What a great opporunity for our students to learn about “Big Data” analytics and how start-up companies envision developing innovating applications using SAP HANA. For example, one firms envisions using HANA to dramatically improve retail customer experiences using predictive analytics on structured and unstructered data with HANA. Very intriguing! Also, the event provided great opportunities for my students to network with the start ups.” Professor Alina Chircu, Bentley University

“‘Big Data’ is a natural evolution in analytics…finding patterns in huge volumes of data with HANA is impressive. And HANA will help companies break down silos and operate in a more integrated way with real time insights from data in different parts of an organization. Thank you for this opportunity!” Natalie Brooks, graduate student at Bentley University

“It is great to see that SAP is now engaging with start-ups in addition to its traditional large and mid-size customers. I was really interested in hearing about new data management application ideas using HANA. Thanks for the invitation to attend!” Shyam Hariham, graduate student at Bentley University

“I was intrigued with the “customer user experience” start-up pitch, where HANA would enable structured and unstructured data to be analyzed in real time with pattern recognition leading to better offers for customers. I also was interested in the medical application start-up. Thanks for including me in this event!” Ariel Steinberg, graduate student, Bentley University


“Startup Forum Boston was a great opportunity for my students to hear how real start-up companies envision commericalizing innovative apps with HANA. And it was really valuable for them to learn about in-memory analytics and how HANA works. We appreciate SAP University Alliances providing this kind of engaging learning and networking opportunity for us!” Professor Chrisy Yao, Suffolk University

“I enjoyed learning about “Big Data” analytics and SAP HANA. This is a new area to me as a accounting major, and now I am better prepared for the job market!” Menying Hu, graduate student at Suffolk University

“I was interested to hear the startups that envision using HANA to improve manufacturing and supply chain operations. By accelerating planning runs by 10,000, planners can do a much better job optimizing plans and assuring key customers receive timely deliveries. Thanks for including me in Startup Forum.” Motofumi Kaizo, graduate student at Suffolk University.

“I was interested in how HANA can enable companies to analyze their social data along with structurered data to get real-time insights on customers. It is great that SAP University Alliances is now including students in SAP events. Thank you!” Okamoto Kazushi, graduate student at Suffolk University.



DSC01851.JPG DSC01846.JPG



The SAP Startup Focus program was launched to support startups to develop new applications on SAP HANATM, our revolutionary high-performance in-memory database and computing platform.

The program has three driving principles:

1. Make SAP HANA’s breakthrough capabilities easily available to the startup community for development.

2. Offer a simple, inexpensive and effective development accelerator to all eligible participants.

3. Work as a one-stop advocacy group to help startups navigate SAP.

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