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HR Administrator – Showing All History and Not Just Open Processes

For those using HCM Process & Forms

By default, the “Open Employee Processes” and “Open Organizational Processes” only shows those processes started by the user and in an open status: DRAFT, STARTED, and ERROR.  For users who also have access to the other options “Search Employee Processes” and “Search Organizational Processes” this is not too big of an issue.  However, as in our case, if you have users who are not administrator type users and only have access to “Open Employee Processes” and “Open Organizational Processes”, then these users will not have any way to see their own history once a process has been completed or

There is a way around this…..  See below:

The SAP class CL_IM_HRASR_BROWSER has a method SET_INITIAL_SELECTIONS where you can override the SAP initialized statuses.

I created a method to duplicate the code in SET_INITIAL_SELECTIONS as follows:


Within the method above, you can define the status criteria for all the search screens and respective roles.  I did the following to both the PA and PD open processes:


The only thing left to do was call this new method in the Overwrite-Exit of the original method:


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