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Delivering SAP HANA training at the ASUG Illinois – Chicago Chapter Meeting

Just thought I’d share some interesting news on a SAP HANA Distinguished Engineer sighting at the ASUG Illinois – Chicago Chapter Meeting and the interesting back story. Thomas Jung from SAP HANA PM was asked again to support his local ASUG chapter meeting and deliver some SAP HANA updates to the attendees (The always request him stemming all the way back to his days as an SAP customer). If you know this ASUG chapter meeting, it is less a meeting and more of an “event” with over 200 people attending! Gotta love the power of community and self-organization of empowered like-minded people. Thomas suggested that he could actually show some of the attendees the new SAP HANA Extended Application Services (XS) development features and if the attendees brought their laptops they could actually use it too.

So if you know Thomas, you can guess where this is heading… Let’s say that ASUG thought this would be great and maybe they could make it a longer session than previously planned hour or two presentation. So it has now become a full day hands-on session covering all the development on SAP HANA aspects; XS, ABAP, SQLScript, HTML, JAVAScript and so on. Word quickly spread and they had to create a wait list as unfortunately they could not accommodate everyone in one room! 🙁

So how was Thomas able to conjure up a hands-on session so quickly? Thomas, working with fellow HDE Rich Heilman, created a “pop up” class room training for SAP HANA development. Essentially it is a BYOD model where attendees bring their own laptops etc, download and install the SAP HANA studio from a dropbox and then connect to SAP HANA One system hosted on AWS already populated with the class room materials and start coding. I’ll let Thomas and/or Rich share more details in a separate blog on what he does 😉

So pretty cool that the attendees are able to touch, use and experience SAP HANA without all the usual hassles that class-room hands-on training setup incurs.

So if you are one of the lucky ones in the room with Thomas today, please enjoy the session – you are in for a treat with Thomas leading it.

For those of you who were on the wait list or simply wished you were able to be there, Thomas has been working with the SAP HANA Academy to make all the content freely available and you can do the exercises on your own SAP HANA instance or on your own local SAP HANA appliance. No doubt he’ll be blogging/Tweeting about that too!


Just twitted live from an attendee (thanks to Bhanu Gupta for sharing the picture). Looks like fun and with cookies too! 🙂

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Thomas and Rich are great at these workshops - I really enjoyed the Hana Code Jam I attended with both of them last year.  Rich always seemed to know when I needed his help and Thomas was very helpful as well.  Great job by them and Bhanu Gupta for organizing.


      Author's profile photo Rich Heilman
      Rich Heilman

      Hey Tammy, I am looking into the possibility to repeat this session at the Philly Chapter meeting sometime soon.  A lot has changed since the CodeJam, so you might benefit from attending this new workshop.  If interested, I can pass along the details when they are ironed out.



      Author's profile photo Michael Eacrett
      Michael Eacrett
      Blog Post Author

      Should be fun to see if we can do this at other ASUG chapter meetings throughout the year. Thanks Rick. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas

      Rich - awesome news, coming to Philadelphia.  Usually their chapter meetings are held on Thursdays, so what is the possibility of having the Code Jam the day after the chapter meeting, on a Friday? 

      Thank you for supporting ASUG (as always) - see you next month in person.