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BI News: Manage your BI environment better, achieve faster time to value and increase your success

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March 2013


Business Intelligence News

Strategies for creating an information-driven culture



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Welcome to the March issue of Business Intelligence News!

At this time of year I always have the impulse to get organized, and organization – or lack of it – is the inspiration for this month’s issue of this newsletter. We all know that being organized reduces stress, frees up time, and ultimately saves money. In this March issue, we have pulled together blogs to help you better manage your BI environment, achieve faster time to value with data marts, and increase success of your BI project with a solid BI strategy. We also provide insight into changes and commitments within SAP that demonstrate how we are helping you along the way.

Next month, we will open up on upcoming innovations and share insights on where we think BI is going now and in the future.

Saskia Battersby, GM BI Solution Management 



SAP Is Committed to Supporting the Classic BusinessObjects Customer Base

SAP has a long history of supporting customers running complex and varying landscapes. That commitment continues with ongoing investment in technology and support for what is often referred to as the Classic BusinessObjects customer.

See how SAP is continuing to make serious investment in data sources outside of SAP. »


Keeping your SAP® BusinessObjects™ BI Deployment Running Better

If you have been running SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence solutions for a while now, you might want to ask yourself: How do I ensure that the system continues to run smoothly? How can I get ahead of end-user and system issues before users start complaining? How do I keep my users from ruining me?

EV Technologies tells you how it addresses these types of questions »


Learn how SAP is taking Proactive Measures to Deliver Quality BI Software

In a world of rapidly changing business challenges, one factor remains a constant driver for success: quality. That’s why SAP reached out to our business intelligence customers and gathered feedback on previous releases of our business intelligence software to continually investigate methods to improve our quality processes. Quality improvements have resulted from large-scale development methodology shifts all the way to individual product teams continuously improving their day-to-day processes.

See the improvements implemented on the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence platform. »

Learn about a new patching policy that addressesregressions and simplifies the process. »


Unlock Critical Data from Your ERP Software System with Data Marts

Key business information is captured in ERP software systems every day. The challenge is providing users with access to that information in a format that is: applicable to their particular business question; timely, and does not impact the performance of the transactional system. Learn how data marts from RapidDecision are enabling this access to information within Oracle eBusiness, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards.

Unlock critical data from your ERP software with data marts. »



Have Deski Users and Want to Migrate to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.x?

Is DeskI keeping you from moving to the latest and greatest SAP BusinessObjects BI platform? Are your legacy XI R2 and 3.1 servers in production solely to serve DeskI documents? We are listening and support for DeskI reports on BI 4.0 has been the on top of our list.

Find out how SAP BusinessObjects Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Pack can help you. »


Herding Chaotic Spreadsheets

Decades have passed since the inception of BI, but customers still complain about spreadsheet proliferation and the information chaos they create. Data manipulation nightmares related to the use of spreadsheets may happen in your business and could lead to lasting repercussions. How can your IT department keep such data chaos under control?

Learn how you can better manage these situations and drive a data-driven culture. »


Deriving Value from Your BI Program – Define, Track, and Measure Success

Previously, we covered the importance of a BI strategy and discussed how BICC becomes a key element of your organization. This time, we are covering other critical factors that make your BI program successful. By turning data into insight, companies can see positive impacts on their business such as increased revenue, reduced cost, managed risk and capital and create competitive advantage.

Discover how you can turn data into insight with business intelligence. »


Increase success of your Analytics program with the help of an Analytics Advisor

Are you getting started with your BI program? Or have you been using various versions of BI for years? The Analytics Advisor is your coach for both technical and strategic activities.  If you need assistance understanding the details of a new release or a new tool, or want help building a more strategic BI Competency Center, the Analytics Advisor is there for you.

Learn more about Analytics Advisor. »


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TeliaSonera: Customer Testimonial Video

TeliaSonera provides network access and telecommunication services that help people communicate in an easy, efficient, and environmentally friendly way. Tito Toivla, Head of Large Enterprises and Public Sector at TeliaSonera, talks about how they are using SAP software.

Hear how TeliaSonera improved decision making from any location, anytime. »

Big Trends in Analytics with Deloitte - YouTube.png

Big Trends in Analytics with Deloitte

Timo Elliott, innovation evangelist at SAP, finds out the big trends in analytics and best practice tips from Peter Grainger, partner for analytics at Deloitte, and Bradley Burt, partner for enterprise applications at Deloitte.

Watch the video interview with Deloitte. »


Mobile Business Intelligence at Kimberly-Clark Asia-Pacific

Lestor Meadows, who manages business intelligence for Kimberly-Clark Asia-Pacific is interviewed by Timo Elliott, innovation evangelist at SAP, on their mobile business intelligence deployment. They talk about the business need for and usage of mobile business intelligence, the technology enabling mobile BI, and the lessons learned.

See how Kimberly-Clark Asia-Pacific manages their mobile business intelligence deloypment. »

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BI Keynote from SAP Insider 2013

Here’s a recap of the content from the BI keynote at SAP Insider BI2013 in Las Vegas including presentation slides, customer videos, and demos we shared during the keynote. 

See what’s new from #BI2013. »


SAP at Gartner Business Intelligence & Analytics 2013 Summit 

Find out what you missed if you weren’t at Gartner BI in Texas from March 18 – 20, 2013. FedEx presented at the SAP customer session and shared how they implemented a new BI solution in only 6 months!

Watch video interviews and see the photos highlights. »


SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 SP4: Data Access and Interoperability


This tutorial is designed to help you understand how the different products in the BI suite connect to data sources and to each other.


Take a look at this eLearning tutorial. »


SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 Elite Training Goes Worldwide

The SAP customer solution adoption team is planning to deliver the highly popular SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 Elite Training in sessions around the world. The events will be hosted in Singapore on April 8-12, 2013; Sydney, Australia on April 15-19, 2013; Newtown Square, PA, USA on April 29 – May 3, 2013; and St. Leon-Rot, Germany on June 7-21, 2013.

Click for more information on registering for SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 elite training. »


$99 Personal Edition of SAP Visual Intelligence Now Available

The personal edition of SAP Visual Intelligence is one of the fastest, most engaging ways to get answers from spreadsheets. By pulling data from different sources into a single view, users can answer questions quickly and discover unique insights within their business without having to rely on IT.

Compare the standard and personal edition »

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April 2, 2013: VisiChat – Live Twitter Chat on Data Visualization – Tweet Chat

April 18, 2013: Analytics Edition – End-to-End BI and SAP Design Studio for Dashboards on SAP NetWeaver BW – Webinar

May 14-16, 2013: SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG Annual Conference – Orlando, FL

May 23, 2013: The 2013 Guide to Mobile BI Technology from SBO and Social Media Analytics – Webinar

June 11-13, 2013: SAP BI 2013 – Amsterdam

June 20, 2013: Guide to Analytics Capabilities Embedded within SAP Business Suite and Benefits of Moving to SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 – Webinar

September 9-12, 2013: ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference – Anaheim, CA



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