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Troubleshooting Techniques when Metrics Display a Grey Status in the Technical Monitoring

1. Make sure the metrics are active. You can do this with the Alert Directory Browser, The Alert Directory Browser can be found in the Technical Monitoring WorkCenter.

Alertin Directory.png

2.  If the metrics are active. Make sure ST-PI and ST-A/PI is updated to the latest version in both solution manager and the system you are monitoring. ST-PI and ST-A/PI collect data for system monitoring and are vital to the functionality of system monitoring. Run RTCCTool via SE38 and it will tell you if they are up to date.


3. Check Wily Introscope; make sure it is running on the managed system. There is a link on Step 8 of managed system config for the specific manages system. Also you can find link to administer the Wily Introscope agent within the Technical Monitoring WorkCenter.


wily link.png

wily link 2.png

4. I would also check the extractors for the managed system. Make sure they are functioning properly. Go to the Solution Manager Administration Workcenter and Select Infrastructure. Within the dropdown of Framework, Select Extractor Framework. Filter by SID for your managed system and make sure all Extractors are functioning.

extractor framwork.png

5. Utilize the E2eMAI Support Servlet. This extremely useful tool will provide the current configuration of the diagnostic agent. It allows you to view and download the XML within a diagnostic agent. Use it to verify that a metric actually exists in the configuration file Or check collection statistics to see if the activated metric is collecting data or not.

6. Go to https://<host>:<port>/tc~smd~agent~application~e2emai/servlet/MAI


7. Use the metric ID from the Alerting directory browser to find the metric you are looking for in the XML.

alert directory.png

8. Search for the metric ID within the log file.


9. Utilize the Collection Error Log to quickly find problems with metric data collection.

Servlet errors.png

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