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Thought of the day: Plagiarism

Thought of the day: Plagiarism

I’ve always looked at plagiarism as a compliment, that’s what people say isn’t it.

Plagiarism has been discussed on here a few times, just a couple of years ago
SCN’s resident PI guru Michal Krawczyk began putting his name on  images in his

blogs, and at the time I commented wondering if that was really necessary.

Michal responded that he had evidence of people copying his blogs and taking

credit as their own work and putting his signature on images would at least mean

he retains some credit for his work, or make it harder for the plagiarists.

There is an interesting blog on the subject here, Anthony Vandewerdt – Plagiarism
and one interesting thought on the subject is that by copying technical material,
if the source gets changed the copy does not and this can then be misleading
for people who follow the copy.

Why to bring this up ?

Finally it has happened to me, I maintain a wiki of my favourite Basis doco, it’s
part of my Pay It Forward strategy and on top of this provides me with a personal

cloud storage of my favourite doco in one place and fast to search.

The wiki is here:  SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrator’s Toolbox

A friend recently showed me that a copy of the wiki has been spawned, you can find it
if you search on google for:

sapdump basis administrator tools

Ok Michal it’s happened to me now and I take it all back 🙂

What to think, I still think plagiarism is a compliment, and I am leaning more towards
Anthony’s blog, that it’s a shame the plagiarist did not link to the source, because
the source is growing on an almost daily basis and the copy is a long time out of date.

On the other hand however, is plagiarism a complement, in the commercial world, there

are patents and copyrights and trademarks to stop the theft and copying of property and

intellectual property.

What to do, I’ll contact the plagiarist and ask them to remove the content and replace
it with a link to the source.

What does everybody else think ?

All the best,


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  • hi Andy,

    I agree that in a way it's a compliment but I don't expect anyone to pay for this - just not to remove the author's name - that's not too much right ? 🙂

    and on paying...

    those copies usually appear on pages where google ads or other ads systems are in place... this brings us to another topic right ?


    Michal Krawczyk 

    • Hi Michal,

      yes, you are right. And if you read Anthony's blog he also mentions the monetisation of the plagiarism and this really, well, what to say, as you say, brings us to another topic.



  • Well all is well that ends well,

    I contacted the Site owner and asked them to replace the out of date blog with a link to the Wiki,

    and they said they would.