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SAP BW Near Line Storage solution (NLS) based on SAP IQ

For NLS information please refer to blog

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  • be aware about nav attr

    reporting with NLS works with filtering on navigational attributes on any supported release (as of BW 7.0). However the filter itself is not moved into NLS, since NLS storage does not store the master data.

    Example: if you filter on an attribute of a material, NLS returns all relevant material data rows and OLAP processor does the filtering. So the query result is correct however the runtime can be very long.

    • Yes, BW NLS with SAP (Sybase) IQ works fine with any other database as well.  However, the BW on HANA has many features that you should consider going forward.

      Regards, Rex

  • I was wondering if there is a recommendation on where in a data model to begin archiving?

    Is it best to start archiving from DSO --> Infocube or Infocube --> DSO?

  • Also when my database is SAP HANA why do I have to use SybaseIQ for archiving? Can't I archive using SAP HANA database? Is it not adding to my cost by having an additional database in the form of SybaseIQ?

    • near line storage is not archiving. it is a reallocation of existing historial data with permanent access to it.

      furthermore it is a simple question of TCO. SAP IQ is THE column based database with compression for historical data as fast as the former BWA.

      Best Regards Roland

      • Thank you Roland for your reply. But the beauty of SAP HANA is that it also allows us to store data in columnar fashion isnt't. Then can't I use SAP HANA for storing historical data along with current data. I agree SybaseIQ offers lot of benefits, but what I am unable to understand is what is that one or more killer features of SybaseIQ that clients are going for it just for storing historical data instead of using SAP HANA.

        Thank you.



        • Hi,

          simply TCO. Imagine there is no HANA, SAP/Sybase IQ is already there since 15 Years.

          That's why it is even more benficial for customers still running classical DB's as there primary databease.

          Best Regards Roland

          • Hi Roland,

            I want to propose NLS to my current client. They currently have BW on HANA with no NLS. I know that HANA DB is costly as compared to Sybase IQ but in order to prove the case, can you please share some indicative figures as to how much would be the savings in cost if for ex. 100 MB of HANA is moved to Sybase IQ DB?



  • Hi 

    The pros and cons of using a write optimized DSO or standard one, immediately after the PSA are discussed below. SAP has introduced a straggler management option for standard DSOs attached to NLS. This allows for updates to be done to data that has already been archived in NLS. The other option is to use write optimized DSOs. Please can you share any project experiences you may have with NLS, specifically the logic behind which DSO type was used.

    Automated Straggler Management Example.jpg

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