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Common Problems and Solutions when Configuring PI Monitoring

Problem: Many issues can arise from outdated Service Tool Plug-ins


     1. Update ST-PI and ST-A/PI in Both Solution Manager and all Managed Systems

Problem: Auto Self-Test of Java PI components not functioning as well as Channel Monitor not collecting any data.


     1. Recreate the SM_COLL_<SID> user for the JAVA stack via managed system config.

     2. Make sure the User has all the roles from managed system config as well as the following additional roles

    1. xi_af_channel_admin_display
    2. xi_af_channel_admin_modify

     3. Manually log into the JAVA stack and add all the necessary Roles to the SM_COLL_<SID> User

     4. Reapply and activate system monitoring templates.

     5. Rerun the PI monitoring configuration steps including, Load Metadata.

Problem: No PI Domain available during the creation of a PI Domain within PI Monitoring Setup


     1. Sync the LMDB to the central PI SLD (Depending on the SLD landscape strategy this solution may not be the best option for everyone. Refer to Note          1631346 for other possible solutions before activating the sync)

Useful SAP Notes

  • 182939 – Error “ST-A/PI 01P_700 is not installed” when performing Solman_Setup, System Preparation, Check Installation step for Solution Manager 7.1 SP08 with ST-A/PI 01Q_700 installed
  • 1824518 – Deactivate the obsolete Solution Manager Usage extractor
  • 1631346 – Solution Manager 7.1: SLD configuration for PI monitoring
  • 1618764 – SolMan PI message monitoring: Error Status/Details empty
  • 1578976 – PI Monitors Cannot be accessed using SAP_XI* Roles
  • 1762686 – Message Flow Monitoring Rating- PI Configuration
  • 1748968 Collective corrections for the MEA Directory SP6
  • 1768702 Collective note for MAI – Solution Manager 7.1 SP5
  • 1786911 E2E PI Mon Setup: Performance “PI Domain Overview”

       Useful Websites

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