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Care Circles leads the way for SAP’s first Autism Awareness Panel!

Our little girl, HANA is growing up and touching lives in meaningful new ways. With the release of Care Circles, a consumer health application that helps families find and deliver the best possible care for a varied array of medical conditions, Care Circles is a great example of what is possible when SAP fosters diversity and inclusion as an integral part of product innovation.

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While conducting market & usability research for Care Circles, diversity was the constant key factor that guided us.  We realized SAP’s traditional marketing methods had to be challenged in order for us to truly serve our new audience. Our overview video is a great illustration:

Our go-to-market strategy continues to stress our culture of inclusion, we will begin to reach out to and support a diverse set of conditions. In 2013, we are targeting autism, cancer, and dementia with support from Autism Speaks, Els for Autism, National Fragile X Foundation, CanCare, Gannett Healthcare, National Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Alzheimer’s Association. We are leveraging the help of our diverse partners to spread the word. Our first pilot with the University of California MIND Institute begins next week!

Your input on this project is greatly appreciated. Please download it on your iPad, and leave us review on the App Store:

I am also proud to announce that the Care Circles team will be leading the very first Autism Awareness Panel at SAP next month. This is slated for the last week of April and we hope it is only the very first in a series of healthcare awareness events hosted by SAP. What is truly delightful to share is that this event came through a collaborative effort of a few individuals committed to making SAP a more diverse place, in less than a week. We now need your support to spread the word. Please register for the event here.

Finally, we invite you to share your personal experience with us to be featured at the event, highlighting our diverse culture. Please look at this template and send me the following information to be included in the slide show:

  1. Your Headshot
  2. Your Name and Title
  3. Your inspirational phrase: I support SAP’s 1st Autism Awareness Initiative.     .

Thank you!

Layla Sabourian, Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Technology & Innovation Marketing

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 6.47.18 PM.png
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