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valuation of time wage types using wage type dependent constant and other than standard modifier..

Valuation of wage type using wage type dependent constant can also be done using Modifiers for table access based on organizational assignment as shown below.  That is here we would see a how a time wage type is valuated based on wage type dependent constant if an employee belongs to a particular Personnel Area ( Say CABB here ).

1. As usual creation of time wage type (2221) that carries number of hours maintained through Infotype 2010 ( Employee Remuneration Information)

i. Go to SPRO—IMG—Personnel Management—Personnel Administration—Payroll Data—Employee Remuneration Informatin—wage types—Click on Create wage type catalog and copy wage type 2000 for Country grouping 99 to wage type 2221 as follows:

ScreenHunter_128 Apr. 03 08.31.jpg

ii. Now, click on next node, check wage type group ‘Employee Remuneration Information‘ (Table V_T52D7) and check if the wage type is present.

ScreenHunter_129 Apr. 03 08.32.jpg

iii. Then click on Check Wage type Catalog—

  • Check wage text( Table V_512W_T)–Here we change the text of the wage type if need be as per our custom requirement.

ScreenHunter_130 Apr. 03 08.40.jpg

  • Check check entry permissibility per infotype ( Table V_T512Z ) as follows:

ScreenHunter_131 Apr. 03 08.41.jpg

  • Check wage type permissibility for each PS and ESG (Table V_511_B)

ScreenHunter_132 Apr. 03 08.48.jpg

  • Check wage type characteristics (Table V_T511)

ScreenHunter_133 Apr. 03 08.50.jpg

2. Copying the Standard Personnel Calculation Rule XMOD and modifying it (ZM12 here) to include the Personnel Area CABB and then copying the Standard modifier 01 and renaming it as custom modifier and entering the relevant amount to be used to valuate the wage type 2221 as in the screen-shot below. Besided, include the custom PCR in the Schema.

SPRO—IMG–Payroll—Payroll International—Time wage type valuation—valuation bases—constant valuation bases—click on define wage type dependent constant

ScreenHunter_137 Apr. 03 09.02.jpg

Select set modifier for constant valuation in the activity box and copy and modify the standard PCR as follows

ScreenHunter_134 Apr. 03 08.53.jpg

And insert custom PCR ZM12 into custom  Sub-schema( ZMKT here) copied from Standard Sub schema XT00 as below…

ScreenHunter_138 Apr. 03 09.08.jpg

ScreenHunter_139 Apr. 03 09.10.jpg

Finally insert the custom sub schema into the custom schema (M000) copied from Standard Schema X000 as under:

ScreenHunter_140 Apr. 03 09.13.jpg

Now select Determine Constant Valuation per Wage type (Table V_T510J) and give the amount with which the wage type 2221 is to be valuated as below:

ScreenHunter_135 Apr. 03 08.55.jpg

3. Assignment of valuation bases in table V_512W_B.

ScreenHunter_136 Apr. 03 08.56.jpg

4. Maintain Infotype 2010 (Employee Remuneration Information) via PA 30 for an employee of Personnel Area CABB as follows:

ScreenHunter_141 Apr. 03 09.22.jpg

5. Now run Payroll for the relevant period for the employee using the custom schema and see the result in the payroll log:

Open time data processing sub-schema and go to PIT X015 GEN (Valuation of time wage types) and see IT in the OUTPUT node as follows

ScreenHunter_142 Apr. 03 09.27.jpg

Double click on IT table to see the below result:

ScreenHunter_143 Apr. 03 09.32.jpg

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