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Tweet Chat Do’s & Don’ts

Hey everyone!

Thought I’d share some of my personal tips for participating in a tweet chat. What do you agree or disagree with?

If you’re looking for a tweet chat to participate in, join me on the #VisiChat about data discovery!

Or if you’re wondering what a tweet chat is, check out the FAQs on the bottom of this page.


5 Tweet Chat Do’s:

  1. Post in full sentences since your other followers may not be aware of the tweet chat but you still want them to understand what you’re talking about. 140 characters will limit this but try to the best of your ability.
    • Bad Example:. “A2. I use #SAPVisi. #VisiChat” Your followers may wonder why you’re saying that or what context it’s in.

    • Versus: “A2. I use #SAPVisi for #data analysis at work. Great functionality and learning new things everyday. Anyone else? #VisiChat”

  2. Offer helpful assets if appropriate. Someone may be interested in a whitepaper, report, blog post or infographic related to the conversation so have links ready before the tweet chat starts.

  3. Indicate what question you are responding to by starting your tweet with “A1, A2, A3, etc.” and questions will be asked in “Q1, Q2, Q3” format. You could also respond by “replying” the moderator’s question so the conversation is threaded.

  4. Create a side conversations with people by asking them questions that drill deeper into their post or point out something they may not have thought of yet. Go beyond just answering the questions set out by the moderators to build your network.

  5. Say hello and goodbye. Introduce yourself so others can have an idea of who you are and where you’re coming from. Share your first name, location and your goals/interests related to the chat. At the end, say thank you and what you thought of the chat.

    • Ex. “Only 2 more minutes until #VisiChat! Salina here from #SAPVancouver. Interested in seeing how BIG we can grow this tweet chat. #VisiChat”


5 Tweet Chat Don’ts:

  1. Don’t sell if users aren’t asking. You can promote free trials or discuss solutions if appropriate but make sure people see you as a product expert, not a salesman.
  2. Don’t be long winded. Twitter is a great exercise in being to the point and concise. If your message goes beyond 140 characters, you could type “1 of 2” at the end of your post and then “2 of 2” in your next tweet but this is not recommended.
  3. Don’t forget the #VisiChat hashtag in EVERY post or others may not see it.
  4. Don’t be afraid to make things interesting. It’s a discussion so it makes sense to present both sides of an issue but do be careful of what you say and how it represents you.
  5. Don’t get lost. With a constant stream of tweets coming in, it can be hard to keep up with the conversation, especially if it’s your first tweet chat. Make sure you use a tool to track the conversation like or

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