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KMD: Testing SAP Solutions Before Making the Full Investment

One of the first things an apprentice woodworker learns is the virtue of the proverb ‘measure twice, cut once’.  The value of this advice is hardly limited to carpentry; architects create detailed blueprints and scale models before construction crews are ever dispatched to a work site, coaches prepare game plans as they prepare for the next opponent, military personal participate in elaborate war games, entrepreneurs write business plans, and engineers build elaborate prototypes with the newest 3D printers before full scale production lines are built.  In each case, the logic is the same – it is much better to work out the kinks before fully committing valuable time and resources.  The value of prototyping grows as projects become more complex and the scale of the investment required increases.  Prototyping becomes non-negotiable when the downside risks resulting from failure loom large.

Through SAP MaxAttention or SAP ActiveEmbedded, SAP Rapid Prototyping, delivered by the SAP Active Global Support (SAP AGS) organization, brings the benefits of prototyping to firms undertaking substantial changes to their mission-critical enterprise software IT landscapes.  Danish IT service provider KMD, for example, was able to use SAP Rapid Prototyping to make more informed decisions regarding the rollout of new SAP HANA and SAP Mobile Platform solutions in a development environment before committing to a full rollout in a live production environment.  Working closely with their SAP AGS counterparts to implement these two proof-of-concept projects, KMD was able to evaluate the benefits these solutions could deliver.

When KMD looked at the data from the two prototyping projects they undertook with the help of SAP Rapid Prototyping, they were impressed with the results.  The company was perhaps even more impressed, however, by the added insight they gained by using SAP Rapid Prototyping services.  Using the service, KMD was able to quickly and efficiently assess the potential impacts on staff and systems of changes to the IT landscape before needing to make a full investment. And what they saw was a way to deliver lower costs and higher efficiencies for their customers; something that their customers in the public sector valued highly.

“It could cause significant disruption if we roll out solutions without being properly prepared….But with SAP Rapid Prototyping, we can understand all the implications on staff, systems, and other resources beforehand.”

Soren Danner Pedersen, SAP Strategic Advisor, KMD A/S

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  • "Is it what you need?" instead of "What do you need?" could definitely save time and resources; develop a prototype solution, demonstrate it to your users and get an immediate feedback on "what else or how different is your need?" Good for IT, good for business!