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Rounding Off of Wage Types in RT

If you want to round off all the amounts in RT Table, follow the PCR as given below:

Copy of XVAL.JPG

Similarly, do for all from 2-A.

This PCR is created by copying the standard PCR XVAL. This will further be inserted in schema INAL as below:

Copy the Standard Schema INAL to whatever name you feel like, by TCode PE01, and insert as below in screen shot:


VKAL is the PCR copied from Standard PCR XVAL. Test for the scenario, and you will find that the values are rounded off.

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  • If you do not mind can you please elaborate how it works, i.e if we place the operation ROUNDGK100 how exactly it works whether it rounds the amount value to nearest rupee or nearest 10 rupee etc.?



    • Hi Venkatesh,

      It works on simple mathematical calculation. If say for eg., value after calculation is coming as 58.98, then amount will be rounded to 59. If the value for eg., is coming as Rs. 58.43, amount will be rounded off to 58.



      • Dear Bhagyashree,

        Do not mind, I hope that across the globe the business calculations are happening on the basis of Mathematics only when we look at it it looks like small but impact is not that small right.

        Why i asked that query is we have to pass the clear information right when we look at the operation ROUND through PE04 it is that huge but here you have mentioned it as simple mathematical calculation apart from that personally i do not have any concerns.