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Key to success for a Certified SAP Consultant on the basis of my own experience.

Many times it is seen that the first ranker students in a class room are not as successful in practical life as compared to other non ranker students or last benchers 😆 .

Same way qualified and certified professionals may not achieve heights as compared to other professionals.

In spite of heaving many good qualities like sound technical knowledge,  experience, qualification, attitude etc. etc.. etc… many professionals are struggling even for basic success or for a break in their life.

I find few areas of blockage responsible for the same, where either angioblast or bypass surgery, as the case my be, is required 😯 . which in turn  can prove to be a Key to Success. 😎

  • Area of Management Skill

The term ERP itself represent team work.

SAP is such a field where to be a successful consultant one has to interact with all the levels of personnel from top level, chairman of the company through all directors, chief officers (CXOs) and / or investors to bottom level up to data operator or clerk.

At different-different level all the person will have different approach and altitude.

To handle this and pave way through difficulties towards success one has to have chain management skills.

  • Area of Presentation or Communication Skill

This is one of the most important skill which is required to grow in the field of SAP.

In other words consultant can not grow beyond a certain limits in this field, without having these skills.

Technical Skill and Presentation skills are like two legs of a person.

Unless and until both the legs support each other person will not be able to walk or move ahead on his career path.

Just like in absence of any one leg a person is handicap, in absence of any of these skills a consultant can not lead independently and will have to be dependent on others.

In this course there are all the chances to get saturated in early career stage and / or to get exploited.

The above two are the main causes followed by many other incidental causes, like:

  • Mugging Up without understanding

Learning a subject keeping objective to get through the exam will never be useful in practical life. As a result person will keep on struggling to understand the subject again and again.

Tell me how many of us has sincerely attempt case studies and extra material given in SAP certification books?

One can not learn fighting on the ground in a war, one can imagine the result of doing so.

  • When to speak and when not to speak.

One has to develop ability to listen with patience and understand the scenario, to judge what time demands and act accordingly.

Many times situation demands to speak up and many times one has to wait for time to speak.

Not always but many times silence tells more than the spoken word.

Learned person (Gurudev) says that there is positive and negative impact of both namely to speak and not to speak therefore to enjoy positive side of both, as a thumb rule “Listen patiently before speaking and not let you tong function faster than your mind”

  • Reading Hobby

Since school-college time many students has allergy with books. They open books during the last days before exams, retain the subject matter temporarily in their mind and vomit it out in the exam paper.

They egoistically believe that practical knowledge is more important in life than that of bookish knowledge 😯 and with the support of such statement they keep themselves away from the books.

Wise man always learn with others experience rather than experiencing everything oneself. Otherwise life of even 1000 years will prove short.

One should not be readaholic but its a good practice to read daily at least few new pages with the objective to think the subject written about, from a new perspective, and to evaluate the reliability and scholarship of the writer.

  • Removing reluctance to change and learning new subjects / techniques.

Change is the law of Nature. Even the will of an omnipotent cannot change or abrogate this law, which would maintain its objective validity even if we assume the impossible.

How so ever reluctance to change we are, one will have to walk through this rule and keep growing.

Sir Ravi Sankar Venna is my insperation. Even if I do any number of surgery in my life, I can not even think beyond his reach. 😘

In continuation to above areas I strongly recommend you to read his blogs for grand success, especially:

Graphical Presentation of Key to Success


Top of all the above there is a superpower which supersedes everything in life namely:

  • Destiny

Destiny holds 51% share of your success. (of course its only for those who believes in GOD)

so we just have do our best with our 49% of share and leave the rest to him.

(I consider Good contacts or Influence at high level as a part of Destiny only as even these factors supersedes everything 😉 )

Suggestion and comments on the blog are most welcome.

Wish you all, all the very best.


Chirag 🙂

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  • Dear Chirag,

    Thanks for mentioning my name in your blog and my reference to my blogs.

    When we reach a state when the success and failure is seen with the same eyes, that is where we are going to be a more matured personality. Every life will have ups and downs, however, in my opinion, both are to be considered same at the same. When I was young / college days, I used to feel happy for small accomplishment and upset for any failure. However, over a period, I do not get such enjoyment anymore for whatever be the success. At the same time, I do not feel much depressed anymore for my failure. I do respect the failure more as it gives me lot of lessons to be learned. I know success inspires me like anything, still I respect the failures for the lessons given to me.

    Success is a qualitative term, which cannot be defined. I do not think getting any great job / certification may not be success. When I remember personalities like Mother Theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, I always feel that the life we are doing is a cat race for survival. Wish and hope I should get some inspiration from those great personalities.

    When I read your 51% and 49% I remember Central Government of India's disinvestment policy. 😉

    Kind Regards,


    • Dear Sir,

      Thank your for your comments and inspiration.

      I absolutely agree that success can not be defined in absolute term but it can always be measured as compare to, person to person and time to time.

      If I measure my own success and failure, I guess, I am still at the stage where I feel happy for even small accomplishment and upset for failure, but as always, your inspiration  inspires me to be positive that even I will be a successful consultant like you, sir.

      Provided that even the superpower, which supersedes everything in our life, also wishes the same.

      Looking forward to reach at the stage where even I see the success and failure with the same eyes.



  • Hi Chirag,

    regarding destiny...

    I believe,

    if you keep your karmic balance in the universe as positive as possible

    treat others as you would wish to be treated

    give without wanting to receive

    have a strong work ethic

    focus on your goals

    never give up

    never make the same mistake twice

    retain humility towards others


    destiny will take care of itself and you will reach your goals

    if you reach your goals, then it begs Michelangelo's question...

    The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark

    All the best,


    • Dear Mr. Andy,

      Thank you for your comments on the blog.

      I agree with you that destiny takes care of itself on the basis of our karma.

      But the fact is no two persons karma is identical same on the earth and destiny has to be fare with every one.



      • Hello Chirag,

        It is nice blog.

        I hope One Typo Error: Technical Skill and Presentation skills are like two lags of a person.

        Correct one: Technical Skill and Presentation skills are like two legs of a person.

        Two other places..Same thing, Highlighted.

        Unless and until both the lags support each other person will not be able to walk or move ahead on his career path.

        Just like in absence of any one lag a person is handicap



        • Dear Mr. Prabaharan,

          Thanks for appreciating the blog.

          and thank a lot for your concern.

          The point is very well taken and immediately acted on.

          Thanks once again.



  • Dear Chirag,

    Great to go through your posts, even the older one. I am also facing similar problem for an SD opening after my certification. However, I tried not loosing my calm till date. But slowly it's trying to backfire me :-). It has been seven months and still I am fighting.

    After a long time - again I felt energetic on reading your post. Good one. Thanks. Wish me all the best to sail through!


  • 1 point from your post i definitely need to learn is "Wise man always learn with others experience rather than experiencing everything oneself. Otherwise life of even 1000 years will prove short." Life is too short. And the post is just to the point - crisp and helpful.