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IDC Manufacturing Insights Report: “The Role of Analytics in Driving Competitive Differentiation for High-Tech Companies”

The high-tech industry is characterized by intense competition, unrelenting cost and margin pressures, and ever-shortening product life cycles.  Given this complexity, and the cost pressure inherent in such a competitive market, high-tech companies have been among the early adopters of many IT technologies, including business intelligence and analytics.

In this report by IDC Manufacturing Insights, you will read how analytics has moved from the specialty of a dedicated few to a necessity for broad groups of business executives in the high tech Industry.  Learn how the following factors have accelerated this change:

  • Global supply network complexity and pressure on corporate headcount have made the ad hoc collection and analysis of business information impractical.
  • The flattening of hierarchies moves decision-making responsibility to many more individuals in an organization.
  • A new generation of knowledge workers, more comfortable with technology, is incorporating the analysis of information into everyday work tasks.
  • The availability of analytic applications, prebuilt for industry-specific as well as horizontal decision processes, makes the use of analytics accessible to a broader cross-section of organizations.

Interested in learning more about using analytics in the high-tech industry? Check out this whitepaper and learn how the use of timely analytics allows manufacturers to trade “inventory for information” and keep ahead of the rapid obsolescence inherent in many high-tech products and categories.

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