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Display Chart Title with user defined variable on iPad

One of our clients wants to have statistics as a dashboard on iPad. The dashboard has multiple charts needs to display its title on top of the chart along with previous day’s date. I have defined a variable as [var_yesterday] to capture the date. In the web intelligence report, the output shows as hyperlink. However, on iPad it display as title where the free standing cell is attached.

Just to start with, let us see how to configure the free standing cells to display it on iPad.   For the blank cell in the report,


<a href=”laction://cell?attachedto='[block_name]’&valign='[top/bottom]’&halign='[left/center/right]'”>”Text”</a>

Right click on the blank cell, General tab, In the Display section, for the field Read cell content as, select the Hyperlink


Formula :

=”<a href=laction://cell?attachedto=’UsersBy24Hours_Chart’&valign=’top’&halign=’center’>User Activity – “+[var_yesterday]+”</a>”

Remember to use the double quotes to define the URL Path appropriately and you can include the defined variable.

On Web Intelligence report it displays,


On iPad it displays,


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