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Hi all,

Please find attached graphical representation of consignment process, might be helpful for people working in GATP.


Consignment process in which the products shipped to the customer are still owned by the company until they are sold by the the customer to a third party.

It Contains the following process:

Consignment Fill-up

Consignment Issue
Consignment Returns

Consignment Pick-up


A Consignment Fill-Up document ,stock is physically sent to the customer but no billing is done as  the stock is still owned by the Vendor.

A Consignment Issue document  removes the stock from Consignment stock and Bills the customer .

A customer is billed for stock which was not really used, a Consignment Return  is created with reference to the Issue which puts the materials back into Consignment stock and gives the customer credit.

If products that are in Consignment stock are found to be damaged or no longer needed then a Consignment Pick-up is created to move the stock from Consignment back to stock (no credit is issued because the customer was never billed).








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  1. Satish Waghmare

    Hi Sourabh, Thanks for sharing this useful information. However if you would add a few examples and technical details with each of order type(KB, KE etc), it will be more beneficial.

    Thank you

    Satish Waghmare


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