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Applies to: SAP BW3.x/SAP BI 7.X for more information visit EDW Homepage

Summary: This document helps in understanding the settings in SAP ECC system that governs the FI delta loads in BI system. These settings are important to understand the impact on the loading of FI documents to SAP BI system.

Author(s): Vinit Gupta and Pushkar Chavan

Company: Accenture India

Created on: 15/Mar/2013

Author Bio: Vinit Gupta is certified SAP BI consultant with more over 7 years of experience in implementation and maintenance of SAP BI/BW systems. Presently he is working with Accenture India. Pushkar Chavan is certified SAP BI/ABAP/CRM consultant with over 10 years of experience in various SAP BI/BW/ABAP/CRM projects; He is currently an Associate Manager with Accenture India.

Introduction: This article basically highlights the settings required for FI delta loads. These settings are very different from the logistics load and it’s very important to have an idea about what these settings are, and how they affect the FI delta loads coming into BI.

The settings for FI delta loads is maintained in the below mentioned tables. This article will dwell into these tables and how the entries in these tables will impact the delta loads for FI.

–       BWFI_AEDAT – Contains List of changed documents with date.

–       BWFI_AEDA2 – log table for changed transactional figures

–       BWFI_AEDA3 – Table for changed credit management data

–       BWOM_SETTINGS – this table maintains the settings for delta extraction, the entries made in this table are common for all the data source extractors.

We will further dwell into each of these tables to see what the different fields are and how they impact the delta extraction

BWFI_AEDAT: This table contains the list of document that have changed along with the date and time stamp. This table forms the basis for picking up records for delta extraction. One of the fields (DELTIMEST) in the table BWOM_SETTINGS decides for how long the data will be retained in this table.

Data sources – 0FI_AP_4, 0FI_AR_4, 0FI_GL_4, which are line item extractors, use this table for managing delta records. BTE used is 00005011.

This table contains field like document number, Company code along with the date and time stamp of the changed record.

screen shot 1.jpg

Screen Shot 1: BWFI_AEDAT table and its fields

BWFI_AEDA2: This table is FI log table for changed transaction figures.

Data sources – 0FI_AP_6, 0FI_AR_6, 0FI_GL_6, 0FI_AP_7, 0FI_AR_7, 0FI_GL_7, which are transaction figures extractors, use this table for managing delta records. BTE used is 00005012.

This table contains field like Table name, FI Account Number, Business Area, Company code along with the date and time stamp of the changed record.

screen shot 2.jpg

Screen shot 2:  BWFI_AEDA2 table and its fields

BWFI_AEDA3: This table is FI log table for changed credit management data.

Data sources – 0FI_AR_8, 0FI_AR_9, 0FI_AR_10, which are Credit management extractors, use this table for managing delta records. BTE used is 00005013.

This table contains field like Table name, FI Account Number, Credit Control area, Company code along with the date and time stamp of the changed record.

screen shot 3.jpg

Screen shot 3:  BWFI_AEDA3 table and its fields

BWOM_SETTINGS: The table parameters are common to all data extractors. Each field in this table specifies a particular setting.

screen shot 4.jpg

Screen shot 4:  BWOM_SETTINGS table and its fields

–    BWFILOWLIM: This field specifies the start date for the delta initialization. Default value is set to 19910101. As shown in the screen shot as well.

–    BWFISAFETY: This field is used to calculate the upper limit of date for the extraction. For Initialization this means the data will be extracted from the date start from BWFILOWLIM to (Current Date – BWFISAFETY) and for delta the data will be extracted from the Last Delta (Upload / Initialization) Date Upper Limit to (Current Date – BWFISAFETY). Default value for this field is set as 1. If the requirement is to extract the data for last 10 days, the value for this field needs to be altered accordingly.

–     BWFIOVERLA: This field can have two values either ‘X’ or ‘Space’, with default being set to ‘Space’. A ‘X’ in this field means, the value in the field BWFISAFETY is ignored and the delta is taken from the date of init/last delta till the date of extraction. A value of ‘Space’ means the data will taken from the date of Init/Last delta to the (date of extraction – value in BWFISAFETY, it is till previous day if the value in this field is maintained as 1). So in case the BWFIOVERLA = ‘X’, the BEFISAFETY is completely ignored.

–     ORGSYSONLY: Default value for this field is set to “SPACE”. When the value for this field is set to “X” it restricts the data load to happen only from the current system. It is particularly used when there are multiple systems bringing in the data.

–     DELTIMEST: Value in this field decides for how long the changed data will be stored in the log tables (table BWFI_AEDAT, BWFI_AEDA2 and BWFI_AEDA3) the value in this field basically sets retention period for entries that are no longer required in time stamp table BWOM2_TIMEST. The minimum value is 15 days, with default set to 60. When the entries from the table BWOM2_TIMEST are deleted, corresponding entries from BWFI_AEDT tables are also deleted.

–     BWFITIMBOR: The value in this field indicates the time after which delta extraction will take the latest delta records. By default the value is maintained as 2.00 AM. That is after 2.00 AM delta run will bring the latest records from the past day. If the delta is run before 2.00 AM. It goes back by one more day. For example say today is 2-April and after 12.00 it will be 3rd April, So if the delta is run post 2.00 AM on 3rd April it will bring the records from 2nd April. But if the delta is run before 2.00 AM it will bring the records from 1st April. It is recommended that the standard value is not changed.

–     BWFINEXT: This field is set for activating the minute based extraction. That is if the value for this field is set to ‘X’, minute based delta extraction is enabled. By default the value for this field is set to ‘SPACE’. More about this setting is explained in the later part of this note.

Other Tables: There are other tables as well holding the information related with the delta. We further provide information on one of them.

–       BWOM2_TIMEST: This table is common for the data sources and stores the reference point for next delta load. It stores fields like date and time stamp which acts as a reference point for the next delta.

screen shot 5.jpg

Screen shot 5:  BWOM_TIMEST table and its fields

Example: How the data load getting affected by the table settings:

In the screen shots below, we are trying to load the data in a standard CCA DSO – 0CCA_O09 which is loaded from the data source – 0CO_OM_CCA_9.

Screen Shot 1: It shows the init request bringing records in the BI system.

screen shot 6.jpg

Screen shot 6:  Load Monitor showing the number of records loaded in Init request.

The Init is done at 10:05 PM and it brought in some 153674 records.

Now we again ran the delta in 15 minutes that is at 22.20 PM. And it loaded 0 recs.

screen shot 7.jpg

Screen shot 7: delta load request bringing 0 records

As shown in the below screen shot of the BWOM_SETTINGS. The value for the field BWFITIMBOR is maintained as 2.00, so it will only bring the delta records after 2.00 AM.

screen shot 8.jpg

Screen shot 8: Table filed BWFITIMBOR showing value 020000

This is the screen shot from the data load just after 2.00 AM and almost sixty five thousand records as fetched in delta. As governed by the settings in the BWOM_SETTINGS Table.

screen shot 9.jpg

Screen shot 9: Delta load post 2:00 AM brining the delta records.

Steps to do Minute Based Extraction:

SAP as a standard has maintained setting for FI Datasources which have been enabled for daily loads (i.e. once a day).Many a times clients may request to increase the frequency of the loads.

This setting is maintained in the table BWOM_SETTINGS.

screen shot 10.jpg

Screen shot 10: Table BWON_SETTINGS

With the new logic switched ON with flag BWFINEXT = X the other flags  BWFIOVERLA , BWFISAFETY , BWFITIMBOR are ignored and BWFILOWLIM , DELTIMEST will work as before. You can change back to the standard logic any day by switching off the flag BWFINEXT to ‘ ‘ from ‘X’ and extract as it was before. Do this only when the extractors are not running

As mentioned in the Note 991429 with the new minute based extraction logic switched ON,

a) Ensure BWFI_AEDAT index-1 is enhanced with addition of AETIM and is active on the database.

b) Ensure BWFINSAF is atleast 3600 ( 1 hour) in BWOM_SETTINGS

c) Optimum value of DELTIMEST is maintained as needed (recommended/default value is 60 )

d) A proper testing (functional, performance) is performed in standard test system and the results are all positive before moving the changes to the production system with the test system being an identical with the production system with settings and data.

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