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No Coupon Clipping Required: Learn How Dynamic Discounting Delivers Savings at SAPPHIRE NOW

BNC.Coupons.Fotolia_50177974_XS[1].jpgAs people struggled with financial uncertainty during the great recession, it sparked a wave of innovation to save money and generate income. TV shows like TLC’s Extreme Couponing focused on savvy shoppers capturing savings at the cash register. Others leveraged the power of networks to trade or rent personal items, such as Airbnb which enables home owners to become hoteliers.

During this time, businesses increasingly discovered that Dynamic Discounting captured significant cost savings within their supply chains. Fueled by greater adoption of business networks, large enterprises are collaborating with their suppliers to realize discounts on invoiced charges by negotiating faster payment cycles. Suppliers get quicker access to cash to meet payroll and other expenses and reinvest for growth. Plus, offering a discount on invoiced charges can offer suppliers a hassle-free alternative to securing short-term financing from banks. For buyers, the savings from negotiated discounts is often significantly more than what they gain from current interest rates.

Ariba’s Drew Hofler has been a long-time evangelist of dynamic discounting. According to Drew, those companies that have been most successful with dynamic discounting programs are utilizing business networks. The return-on-investment can be rapidly achieved and the savings are continuous as more suppliers participate and offer reoccurring discounts. In fact, one customer that Drew worked with gained enough savings within a matter of weeks to fund its three-year contract with Ariba.

Curious to learn more about how your company can capture fast cash through dynamic discounting?

Include sessions from the Business Networks campus on your SAPPHIRE NOW agenda and meet Drew. To learn more about Drew’s views on dynamic discounting and working capital management, read his postings at The Networked Economy blog.

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  • Debbie, extremely sweet of you to get the word out on such an important topic "Dynamic Discounting" just before the SAPPHIRENOW event

    Am sure there will be several folks that are going to bump into your for specifics and a peek on DSO DPO and what now

    Hope you have a full blown platter for these info hungry customers / partners / consultants

    ..Even better for you to have an interview out there in the SAPPHIRENOW studio on the topic

    am sure Jon Reed @jonerp on twitter would love to hear and collaborate with you on the Ariba story

    Here'z me connecting you with him for sapphirenow_2013 sapphirenow potential #JDOD's

    and other discussions with Ariba / SAP Procurement customers

    Cant agree more based on the CPO rising studies 2012 by Ardent partners, cost and discounts are going to be important areas for CPO's to balance and get healthy scorecards for the enterprise

    ...Great blog and all the best for SAPPHIRENOW and #ariba live



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