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Author's profile photo Saumil Jyotishi

Duet Enterprise Infrastructure Setup – Difficult…really?


In my previous blog, I tried to address a very common request about distinct positioning of Duet Enterprise 2.0 for those customers who already have or planning to have  NetWeaver Gateway in their SAP Landscapes.

In this blog, I would like to focus on another very common question/comment coming up these days, “Hey, this configuration is bit difficult!

This comment, specifically, from technical community generally (May be arising from the sentiments of the customers who had not so pleasant experiences from Duet Enterprise 1.0/1.0 FP1 Configuration).

I admit Duet Enterprise 1.0 or Duet Enterprise 1.0 FP1 Configuration Guides/Wizards from SAP weren’t so very perfect from the aspect of an SAP Administrator who is following them almost blindly. But again, why do so?

My first advice for you if you are planning to install and configure Duet Enterprise would be first to STOP and ask yourself some very basic questions:

For Example:

Do you know what features of Duet Enterprise you would classify as must have for your Project/POC? I mean do you really need all the features of Duet Enterprise in your landscape? (For Ex: Do you need Starter Services to be fully configured? Is there any way to check configuration quickly without enabling starter services?)

Do you know what components of gateway and Duet Enterprise you want to install, and where? Check your Netweaver version.

Have you gone through prerequisites/required notes available for the installation? And this sounds silly but do you really know if your SAP Landscape is ready for this installation?

Have you talked with your Network Teams, your SharePoint Administrators and agreed on which Ports would you like to use for HTTP/HTTPS communication with SharePoint Application? Are these ports opened on Firewall? (Is there is any!?)

If ports are opened have you checked the two way connectivity from browser inside SAP Server? From SM59? From browser inside SharePoint Server?

Do you have SLD for this configuration? Do you have ESR installation? (Applies to Duet Enterprise 1.0 FP1) Which ESR installation you would like to use? CE or PI? Have you thought about enabling HTTPS communication from your ESR system to your Gateway Server?

Is there any Load Balancer/Reverse Proxy such as Web-dispatcher in your landscape? If yes, have you configured it? How many dialogue instances are there?

So on and so forth… You got the point!

We have seen that a lot of problems arise because of lack of clarity (to people configuring Duet Enterprise) about such information and lack of co-ordination with SharePoint Administrators. If you think you don’t know this stuff, my second advice, think about a partner. There are companies in the Market who can assist very well!   

So the point is, let’s not blame SAP-Microsoft for something which was in some way supposed to be our homework 😉

Moreover, if you see Duet Enterprise 2.0 Config Guide, its simple and clear! We @ Tieto ourselves offer now Duet Enterprise Configuration (Basis + Duet + SharePoint) in much lesser time! Kudos to Duet Enterprise Team for this guide + making simpler configuration with 2.0!

Lastly, my third advice for all Duet Enterprise SAP community, Keep your SAP Team close but keep your SharePoint Team closer 😉

Above discussion now brings us to a new series of 2 blogs, where I will discuss how each and every call is processed in 3 System Architecture (SAP backend, Gateway, SharePoint) for all features of Duet Enterprise, with special focus on SAP Side of the story.

This series of Blogs could also be taken as a Pre-configuration Guide before you start

1. Duet Enterprise 1.0 Feature Pack 1 configuration

2. Duet Enterprise 2.0 Configuration

To be continued…

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      Author's profile photo William van Strien
      William van Strien

      Hi Saumil,

      You raise all valid questions; but these are also a very proof that installation+configuration of Duet Enterprise is inherent a complex matter. You have to consider and check a lot - SAP, SharePoint and your network infra...
      I speak of experience; have [successfully, but more than once the hard way] installed Duet Enterprise in diverse organizations + landscapes. A major issue is also that the documentation is still lacking; there is no single source where you can find all the relevant information condensed.

      And great that Duet Enterprise 2.0 installation has improved wrt Duet Enterprise FP1; but in reality the audience for Duet Enterprise 2.0 is still small as it is bound to SharePoint 2013; and not very much organisations are yet over to SharePoint 2013.

      Said that, I totally agree with all 3 of your advices. Regarding the last one; I would say to expand that into 'building a combined SAP + Microsoft team'. See also:

      Looking forward to your next 2 posts.

      Regards, William.

      Author's profile photo Saumil Jyotishi
      Saumil Jyotishi
      Blog Post Author

      Hello William,

      Yes, I agree that documentation could help to some extent (Like Duet Enterprise 2.0) but as i have mentioned, it is also very important to understand (while making the decision to go ahead with Duet Enterprise, choosing a team with right skill-set etc ) that, in one way or the other this would be like an Integration Project and hence, like other Integration projects, above points should be kept in mind before starting the configuration tasks.

      But of course, this is not an excuse for documentation, we would love to see better documentation with each new release!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Saumil,

      Thanks! you are talking about some very interesting points. I always recommend for first time customers to involve a partner. When you do the installation the first time it is hard to really understand "where what goes" (like William mentioned -- due to the landscape and diverse organizations it IS complex).

      I also like your comment about Starter Services -- exactly my thoughts 🙂

      Author's profile photo Saumil Jyotishi
      Saumil Jyotishi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Holger,

      Yes! This blog is the outcome of what we discussed/sketched in walldorf in last velocity!

      I was waiting for a blog from you about the picture/dissection we did for the call stack for 1.0 FP1 😉

      Same is what i am planning for next blog, but you can pen down same sketch for 2.0 too.

      Author's profile photo Rudolf Dums
      Rudolf Dums

      Hi Saumil,

      Thanks! you do a very good base job for Duet applicants. I can fully agree with your points, especially because of my personal, painful experience during our ramp up phase with Duet.

      Hope you can reuse some of info collection we did together 🙂

      Author's profile photo Saumil Jyotishi
      Saumil Jyotishi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rudi,

      Thanks for pitching in. I undertand and have seen your pain in early days for Duet Enterprise 1.0 configs 🙂

      May be you can describe some important points from our experiences, if I have missed something here!

      Author's profile photo Saumil Jyotishi
      Saumil Jyotishi
      Blog Post Author

      Hi William/Holger,

      Can you also share your experience how did you handle security and authentication while reusing same gateway services/server to another channel apart from SharePoint, like mobile apps, HTML5 interfaces?

      How was the experience in using Gateway server with 2 or more channels? I am interested specifically on how did you model the SSO/Security while architecting gateway with other channels?