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How to call a Job from a Provisioning Framework with parameters

          1. The  scenario –  if I want to call a job from a provisioning framework with some parameters, I can do it this way:

          1. Ø1. After the order task group is executed, the first task set some entry data
          2. Ø2. Then in the second task I can set the values we needed in the temporary table(TEST_TEMP_TABLE):
          1. Ø3.At the end I call the job(in the job folder):
                                                       ·  With the script runJob  I call a job from Job Folder.

               2. Here is the Job I call from the provisioning framework:

            1. ØIn step 1(Source tab) – I can select the needed information from the temporary table
                                    and from there to update the entry in the destination tab:
                                        2. ØIn step2(Destination tab) – I will update the status in the temporary table to avoid already processed data to be processed again.
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