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Migrating QRY files to higher version of Crystal Reports.

In Business Objects XI a tool existed for creating QRY files and using these files one could create Crystal reports on them. With CR 2008 onwards this tool is not available to create QRY files to report on them.

If there are reports created on these QRY files and migrated to higher version then these reports just works as static template which only refreshes data. One cannot make many changes to the query or to the data connection of these reports. Now if my underlying database goes under upgrade or there are any schema level changes then these won’t be available to the existing QRY reports. Though one can migrate these reports but it ends with limitations.


Now the question arises can these reports be re pointed to a datasource which would give flexibility in terms of data connection and making changes to query.


Following are some of the key points which one may
utilize to re point these reports:


  1. One can use the same query from Crystal query designer and create a new report
    using command object as datasource.
  2. Now if the concern is about the formatting of the report. Then one can try one of the
  3. Open the existing report in higher version and re point it to the new datasource (command
    object) using set datasource location option in Crystal Reports
  4. Save the report as template and use it to create a new report using command object
    as datasource with the query.


This feature (QRY) when I came across very few were
familiar with it so thought to pen it down hope it will be useful.

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  • Shaan, this is a good document. Someone from your generation of Crystal Report writers atleast heard of the use of .qry files.Thats how some of the old-time CR 8,8.5,9,10 report writers satisfied their SQL-writing needs.

    However, I am slightly doubtful if one can 'set datasource location' of a .qry datasource report to a new one with Command object SQL,directly.Have you tested that yourself.

    Great job!



    • Hi Prathamesh,

      I tested set datsource location for .qry datasource report to a new one with Command object SQL directly and it worked fine 🙂