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Demo of SAP to SFSF Compensation Integration (Add-On 1.0)

I recently recorded a demonstration of the user experience when the SAP-delivered integration between on-premise HCM and SuccessFactors BizX is in place.  The IT geek in me really likes to see how seamless this process can be. 

It’s obvious that SAP has invested a lot in developing integration points.  Really looking forward to hearing from customers on their experiences with the integration.

To explore further, you can review a demonstration Donna Cohen recently recorded at the link below:

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    • Thanks Jarret-

      Still unnerving to listen to myself in a recording.  Should be over that by now with our podcast but I still forget how twangy I am 🙂

  • Hey Brandon,

    Great job with this! The integration is still not as seamless as I would like, but there is a high-level of control for customers that ensures data consistency. I'd be interested to know how many customers prefer this method and how many would prefer it to be entirely automated.

    Best regards,


    • Luke-

      Thanks for the comment.  Can't wait for your book to come out!

      You can of course schedule a batch job instead of running the transactions manually so that you don't have to do this yourself.  Many companies have a focal merit process (i.e., plan everybody's merit once a year) with pay and org freezes during the planning process anyway.  So unlike the core employee integration where being "near real-time" is critical, here the accuracy is probably the most critical part. 

      • Hi Brandon,

        I can't wait to finish writing it 🙂

        That's a great point about the "loosely coupled integration" being about accuracy rather than real-time. Personally I think that SAP chose compensation integration first to show that real-time is not as important with Cloud as it is with on-premise and this integration does a good job of showing how control and accuracy is the most important aspect.

        Looking forward to your recruiting integration video 😉



  • Hi Brandon,

    thanks for the demo. Great job. Feel with you regarding the listening to your own voice. I am having some you tube videos out there and it is very strange to listen to myself.

    Regarding integration.

    The outbound integration to SF could be scheduled as a batch job as mentioned above. My last customer where I made SAP's e-comp looking like SF comp, had a freeze on data, so the info does not need to come across unless some data was added, e.g. a new column.

    The SAP inbound integration needs to be done on demand anyway, when the planning is completed and approved.

    So I am quite happy with the process, which is not much different from the SAP e-comp, only that it is an export to SF and an import to SAP, where SAP was really integrated and read what is in SAP and pushed it to the planning info types, but that is the issue with two systems.

    I like the look and feel of SF.

    Thanks for sharing.