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F-47 Downpayment Request Using BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST

Hello Folks,

           we can use BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST for creation of down payment request using F-47.

There is a trick involved so i am providing the steps herein.

1. Dont give Business Transaction ( BUS_ACT ) in the header ( document header ), we will derive it in the following steps.

2. i used extention2 of the BADI parameter to identify this kind of transaction.

3. i implemented ACC_DOCUMENT BADI with FILTER VALUE BKPFF, which i passed in document header OBJ_TYPE and in the CHANGE method i changed the     C_ACCHD-GLVOR = ‘RFST’ and the C_ACCIT-BSTAT = ‘S’ ( Noted Items ) if my extention2 value matches.

then i posted the document successfully using the BAPI.


Animesh Sundriyal

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  • When I was trying to execute, the program wasn't going to BADI. Please check if you are using the EXTENSION2 in the BAPI.

    Just a tip:

    BAPIACHE09-obj_type = 'BKPFF'.

    EXTENSION2-structure = space.

    EXTENSION2-valuepart1 = 'BUS_ACT'

    EXTENSION2-valuepart2 = 'RFST'

    *please complement this document