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Enhancing a UI Component in CRM Web UI.

The enhancement set concept can be used to redefine and enhance existing UI components. Enhancing a component enables you to overrule the standard SAP coding and replacing it with your own .

Easy 8 Steps Procedure :

Step 1.

Open BSP_WD_CMPWB Txn, Click on the new button to create Enhancement Set.



Open  SM34 Txn and enter View Cluster ‘BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT’


Step 2.

To create new Enhancement Set enter the name of Enhancement Set and Description.

Step 3.

Open SM30 Txn and enter  the view BSPWDV_EHSET_ASG


Enter the Enhancement Set


Step 4.

Open the  UI Component to be Enhanced in Component Workbench and click on the “Enhance Component”.

Enter the name of Enhancement Set.


Step 5.

Enter  the Application Name.  It should start by Z.


Step 6.

Provide the Repository Information.


Create new BSP App by clicking on Yes in next Pop-Up.

Step 7.

UI Component is now Enhanced. To Enhance a View right click on the view and select Enhance.


Step 8.

If the  Z class for IMPL is created it means View is Enhanced.


Now a custom logic can be put here.

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  • I have a requirement in which i need to enhance the standard ICCMP_BP_DETAILS view BuPaCreate so as to put some default values in which the country code, language, etc has to be defaulted to FR when a particular role is selected. There is no BADI for this so i need to enhance the component. I have done the component enhancement, but i am now trying to load some default values when the role is selected.. please advice

    • Hi V singh,

           Nice document.


      Hi Gaurab,

         Your requirement is possible, but it will be better if you post your requirement as new discussion in forum.

      Just oe hint for your query try to use the 'DO_INIT_CONTEXT ' in your contect node to put the default values.