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SAPUI5 CodeJam – Montreal

Once again, the CodeJammers at SAP Montreal pulled off another excellent event, this time enriching and delighting the Montreal developer community with a well-attended and very fun CodeJam. With over 25 participants and stacks of pizza and drinks, Thomas Mueller, Jean-Yves Guyomarc’h and Farid Toubal-Seghir delved deeply into the world of HTML, CSS3, and Javascript, collectively known as SAP UI5.
The participants ranged from the academic to the professional, from the student to the full-time employed, from the beginner to the expert, all eagerly learning about how SAP approaches HTML5, and its rendering library for client-side UI rendering and programming. Each of the SAP UI5 experts took time explaining SAP’s open, flexible, lightweight and easy-to-use HTML5 toolkit and code. Then, when the teaching was over, the participants hacked and created some fun stuff together with the SAP employees who were also in attendance. By pairing up non-SAPers and SAPers together, we got a good interaction going and everyone had a good time.
At the end of the evening, some 4 hours after it started, we had a fun competition to judge who made the best SAP UI5 hack in the time they had. Three teams came up with lightweight and practical approaches, which fell under the scrutiny of the judges. At the end, even though there was a winner, we all laughed, imparted some great and practical SAP knowledge, and excited the developer community about what it is SAP does and can do in the world o HTML5.
So successful was this CodeJam, that there were people coming up to the organizers afterward asking when is the next event. The word is getting out about Montreal CodeJams, and there are more events like this to come soon.

For more information on SAP UI5:

John, Krista, Thomas, Farid and Jean-Yves

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