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Here is my first blog in SCN.

In SAP PI 7.31, we have the option of using adapter modules for IDOC_AAE adapter. This is a very interesting option. Generally IDOC is Asynchronous. But in this scenario, we will see how it will work as Synchronous.

This is a scenario for Request/Response Bean for IDOC_AAE adapter.

Here I am considering my scenario as test purpose. It is not a real time scenario. My only concentration in this blog is on Request/Response Bean for IDOC_AAE.

My scenario is that I want to take an IDOC from ECC and send it to some RFC which is synchronous one and I place response RFC data into a file in some other location.

My Scenario:

I have Imported IDOC and RFCs from SAP R/3 System and created one Data type, Message Type for File structure.

Here, for this Request/Response Bean the trick is that create one Operation Mapping with only Asynchronous IDOC and RFC thing. Then create the ID part.

In ID Part, create the below steps.

Import Business System from SLD for both IDOC and RFC and create one Business component for FILE.

Create one Sender IDOC Communication Channel and one RFC receiver Channel and one File Receiver Channel.

I am concentrating only on IDOC Communication channel for Request/Response bean. Remaining both RFC and File will be same as it is for other general cases.

Sender IDOC Communication Channel Configuration:

For sender IDOC_AAE, use RFC Parameters as it is. You can use default also for RFC Server parameters.

In Adapter module of IDOC_AAE, add the below steps.

Here we have to use Untitled.png

Adapter Namespace

Adapter Type:    File

Otherwise it is throwing CPACachelookup error.

Now Create ICO for this object as it is with Asynchronous Operation Mapping created before.

Coming back to ESR.

Create 1 Synchronous Service for Idoc and response message as follows:

Sender Service Interface:



Category:  Outbound.

MODE:  Synchronous.

Request Message as: Use your IDOC Message.

Response Message:  Use your File Message Type.

Now change the operation mapping for Idoc to RFC used in ICO

a.       Remove Idoc interface as sender

b.      Enter synchronous interface created above using IDoc and response message types

c.       maintain both request and Response Mapping




Trigger the IDOC from ECC.

Now go to Communication Channel and check your interface.


Check In Message Monitoring

Here you will get 2 messages one for request and one for response.


Finally, the File has been created in the target Directory.


This is for Request and Response Bean for IDOC_AAE.

Note: If we try to change the ICO now, it will throw error as operation mapping is now synchronous with different sender interface. So if there is a need to change ICO, then first operation mapping needs to point to asynchronous interface again and activate the ICO object. Then again change operation mapping with synchronous interface and activate the operation mapping. 


Sreenivas Veldanda

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  1. Adarsh Dhingra

    Thanks a lot for this..I wanted to have response back as ALEAUD for a no. of scenarios & wanted to avoid BPM…Thank you so much.Could you show it step by step as it is not  clear as to how you changed the operation mappings in ICo …It would be better if you also include screenshots of the ICO

    1. Sreenivas Veldanda Post author

      Hi Adarsh,

      Do ICO as normal IDOC to rfc (any) scenario.  After doing normal ICO change the service interfaces and Operation Mapping in ESR. Otherwise it wont work….

      Do the ID part with sample Asynchronous interface.then come to esr and do the necessary synchornous things.



      1. Former Member

        Hi Sreenivas

        I have created everything as you have said in a POC and it is working fantastic , but the problem is say I have ORDERS.ORDERS01 idoc in my project and the ico object is being reused by other receivers also in which we dont capture and send response , how to do it in those cases , as we are using one single idoc sender channel only.

        Please give me a call on 9007764930 as this is an urgent requirement and we are very grateful to you for such a nice blog.Also if you could share me your number.

        1. Sreenivas Veldanda Post author

          Hi Arjun,

          Sorry for the late response.. As per my knowledge we cant send response in your case. So, Pleasse ask ABAPERS to create custom IDOC in your case. It will solve your problem,…



    1. Sreenivas Veldanda Post author

      Yes we can use ……. but for JDBC we can normally do that…. only for the case of IDOC we have todo ID part first den ESR.. Because of namespace confictls.



  2. P. Willemsen


    This is a nice start, but what if you have multiple synchronous receivers and want each response to get to a different (file-)location?

    Kind regards,


  3. Former Member

    Hi Sreenivas, nice work.

    I have 1 question,  If my scenario is “SOAP to IDOC_AAE” (PO 7.4):

    How works everything?    I tried to make something like this, but doesnt work.


    Carlos Andres

  4. Former Member


    I am trying to use the same scenario for IDOC – SAP PI – SOAP ( Sync) then map the SOAP response to a separate IDOC.

    Have you used this interface in Productive environment. Did you face issues in transport. Let me know the overall stability of this interface.

    Thx in advance



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