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PI Application Support Daily Checklist

This blog shows PI Application Support Daily Checklist:



This checklist is for the application support team to ensure that SAP PI and B2B server are running smoothly.  There is error alerting built in, but is still in the initial stages of configuration and as a result does not catch everything.  This checklist should be completed daily at least until the team has confidence in the alerting from PI. 

Integration Engine:

ABAP Commands:

1)       SXMB_MONI (“Integration Engine: Monitoring”) → “Monitor for Processed XML Messages” – check for any errors that may have happened since the previous check was completed (putting 48 hours should ensure this).      


2)       SMQ1 (“qRFC Monitor (Outbound Queue)”) – check to see if there are any queues stuck.  An indicator of this would be seeing multiple  entries in a queue.  Ideally, you would see “Nothing selected”.


3)       SMQ2 (“qRFC Monitor (Inbound Queue)”) – same as the outbound queue.

4)       SM58 (“Transactional RFC”) – Fill the User Name field with “*” and execute.  Ideally you would see “Nothing was selected”.  If not, try refreshing to see if things are processing.

5)       SXMB_MONI_BPE : check for failed processes under

a.       Restart Process After Error:. if any process found analyze and restart as applicable

b.       Restart Process After System Crash: Check for any process failed, these processes are restart able, restart such a process

Adapter Engine:

Runtime Workbench Monitoring:


1)       Component Monitoring

2)       Message Monitoring (Integration Server) – check for messages with Status: To Be Delivered, Waiting, Holding, System Errors, All Containing Errors.

3)       Alert Inbox – check for alerts which are not confirmed, and if any are found, resolve the triggering cause of the alert.

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  • Hi Suseelan Hari,

    It there was server crash/shut down, it is also suggested to check SXI_MONITOR and SM58 of ECC system.

    If there was any message/Idoc sent to PI during the outage then you will see its entry there.



    • Hi Sami,

           Whenever there is application shutdown, background jobs in ECC will be stopped.

      For example, if it is IDOC to File Scenario, Messages/ IDoc will not follow through PI. You will not see any messages in PI system. After the outage, all the messages will process successfully.


      Hari Suseelan

      • Yes. You are right. Message will not reach to PI during outage. However, message / Idoc may trigger from ECC system and will not reach to PI due to outage. Therefore, it will be a good idea to check SM58 and SXI_MONITOR of ECC system for any unplanned outage.


  • This is a nice check sheet Hari.

    From performance section of RWB, you could also record average message size / speed. This might help you confirm that speed and volume have been consistent.