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TMP: The TM Podcast TM Podcast, or short TMP, is a collection of deep dives into different topics in TM. Typically 2-4 developers discuss a topic, at least one of them is the topic matter expert.

This is meant as a pocast and should be consumed as such, using a podcast player, a bit later in the post there is a link on how to find the podcast player for your usecase, the SDN postings are there only as a fallback.

So you should subsribe to TMP from your podcast client, ideally by searching for SAP TM Podcast, or by ollowing this link:

tmp | The TM Podcast . There you also find the home of the podcast and you can hear them online. On this page you also find the links to the feeds if you want e.g. the MP3 High Quality version rather than the AAC version which is the default.

Here is an alternative link to register for the feed.

Here are some alternatives on how to get the TM podcast:

You can find them by searching for the term TMP and transportation_management in SCN.

Or you can register for the podcast here for itunes.

Or by searching for SAP TM Podcast in the itunes store:


Alternatively you can enter the feed in the podcast player of your choice here, there should be a player for everybody:

On that site you can also find other alternatives to register for the podcast.

The episodes are also available in SCN, for some reasons only as zip-files.

If you would like to create your own episode, here is how it can be done.

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  • I 've got an additional remark for iPhone users:

    Don't use the Apple Podcast App.

    It removes the podcast folder from the Music App, so that you can only play podcasts from this Apple Podcast App.

    But this Podcast App does not support chapter marks. You cannot see the chapters of a podcast and cannot skip back and forth through the chapters.

  • @Stefan: Thanks for sharing!

    @everybody: Would be nice to collect experiences with different podcast players with full support. My favorite e.g. is #instacast , but it is not free. Would be interesting to hear about other users podcast app experiences.

  • Hi Brend,

    It is a good idea to start podcast. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    But would be great if we you can concentrate also on SAP TM Technical development such as FPM , FBI and BOPF topics as well. Couple of scenarios for enhancing the UI screens, enhancing the FPM / FBI configurations and BOPF enhancements.

    Thanks in advance.



  • Nice, we just passed the 1.000th download of the TMP episodes 😀 . Because of publich holidays in germany the May might be a bit of a quite period for tTMP, but we continue 😎

  • SAP TM Podcast is a great initiative for the following reasons:

    1. Product development team and Ramp Up Client participation.
    2. Focused approach on a topic. From Overview ( Bird's eye view), trickling down to details.
    3. Informal, discussion mode with real life examples from Transportation Industry.
    4. Bernd, Dragos, Thomas, Arundhati, Sabina. Stefan, Mattias, and all those who would participate in future Podcast topics. A very good team.

    I come from SD-TP/VS background. Worked with SAP TM 7.0 Ramp Up ( Sweden) and now very recently SAP TM 9.0 Certified.

    Thanks to your Podcast, it helped me refresh and understand metamorphosis from SAP TM 7.0 to SAP TM9.0

    Looking forward to inclusion of topics:

    1. Airfreights.
    2. Forwarding/ Freight and Internal Settlements.

    Thanks to all of you.



  • is there any PPF related podcast(better video) or training which can provide a better insight for developers with understandable scenario? thanks

  • Hello Bernd,

    Thank you so much for the initiative you have taken and thanks to the team who have given their valuable time and given us this knowledge. It is very help full to me.

    When we can get the podcast regarding Charge management and settlement.



      • Please read the Rules of Engagement (Getting Started link at the top right) regarding the posting of Private Information.  The purpose of having Discussions in public is to share solutions with the greater community.  Taking a question offline should be limited to keeping customer proprietary data private.

        It would also make a lot of sense if you reviewed the existing documentation and guides which already exist in the community in great numbers.  I would especially pay attention to the MKS (Monday Knowledge Sessions) which provide great insight into the use of TM in various situations and specific aspects.

        Regards, Mike (Moderator)
        SAP Technology RIG

      • Hello Niroja,

        You can get a lot of content in SCN regarding SAP Transportation-Management , in fact you will get PPTs on SAP Transportation-Management .I think all contents are covered here.Apart from that for more in depth knowledge Tm podcast can help you.Still if you have doubt then you can ask .

        i am completely agree with Michael. Please go through the Rules of Engagement.

        Good day


  • Hi Team,

    Is there a plan to cover the Gantt Chart functionality in one of the upcoming podcasts? I work for one fo the companies in Australia that has assisted with the further development of this function and I'd love to hear more about it. I've seen some mock-up slides through out TM Technical team so far which is great but would love to hear more.