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The standard system designed only allows 2 Active Fiscal Years, in other words, system only allows you to have 2 open years, the 2 open years are normally the current fiscal year and the next fiscal year.

Please check the program RAJAWE00 with below source coding:


* Differenz ermitteln zwischen aktuellem und angeforderten Jahr
    hlp_gjahr = gjahr – hlp_actyear.

* Zuviel Zukunft angefordert ?
    IF hlp_gjahr GT 1.
      PERFORM anfm_aufbauen  USING ‘709’
                                   gjahr           x093c-bukrs
                                   space           space.


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  1. Bernhard Kirchner

    Dear customer,

    There is a check if you want to open a fiscal year which is more than one year from the current year. The current year is derived from the actual (system-)date.

    So how you can proceed?
    1. Change the system date. (not recommended) OR
    2. Wait until last period of current fiscal year.

    Best regards



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