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What Makes a Great SAP Test Script (Example Attached)

A sound testing strategy is one of the best ways to prevent problems in production.  A test script is the way to capture this information.

The following are key points to include in your test scripts:

  • Document the SAP QA build version the test script was run against
  • Create a step for EACH operation to perform
  • Put specifically what should be input and what should be returned
  • Include a screen shot of the results of each step
  • List the tester and have them sign-off on the results
  • Have somebody else review the results and sign-off
  • Keep versions of the test scripts and document what has changed

Below is a screen shot of a test script and a MSFT Word version is attached (remove the .txt extention).

If you want to make sure you have a good test script, get a non project member to try it.  It should be that easy and clear to run.

How does this compare to what you use?  Please comment below or contact me directly on twitter @SAPChampions

Test Script Screen Shot.JPG

Test Script Screen Shot.JPG
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  • Hi Marcus,

    Thank you for sharing such a good quality points. Now the format which you have given in the print screen is the one which is prepared in excel? If we want to prepare the test scripts is it just enough if we just prepare the scripts in ECATT or we need to prepare in the excel.

    Correct me if i'm wrong:

    ECATT In test scripts for EX: F-02 we need to the check all the fields which client has requested and also the entries passed and effect in B/S and P/L account. Once these things are checked we will be saving the record. Please let me know what will be next procedure to complete testing.

    I'm new to testing. can you please send me the sample test script and also how to run the test script.

    Your comments will help me a lot.

  • Hi Mark Marcus. I am new to testing. How do i get a test script or how do i create one? I am implementing my first Cloud project and i want to test what i have done before moving to Production. My email is    Thanks for your assistance

  • Hi Marcus,

    I am also new to testing and was wondering how do I get a test script as you show as an example above?  if possible I would also appreciate a copy, my email address is  Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  • Hi All,

    Could you pls help to send the test script to me as well at

    Thank you