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URL creation for SAP Tcodes using ITS


This document shows the creation of simple URL for the already existing  SAP Tcodes by making use of ITS .


ITS need to be enabled in this scenario please find the document in below URL for ITS enabling steps

URL creation:

1.Go to Tcode “SICF” and select the service node “ITS” where the URL is going to be created.


2. Select “ITS” right-click and select “New Sub-Element” .


3. Give some name for the service node to be created here i am going to create URL for MM01 tcode so

    given as “YMM01” and continue.



4. Change the GUI link & Support Accessibility values to YES.


5. Now click “GUI Configuration” button and maintain the values for parameters ~TRANSACTION ,~WEBGUI

    as below .


6. Under “Handler List” Tab maintain the class as CL_HTTP_EXT_ITS.


7. Save and activate the created YMM01 service  .



8.Now run the created service by selecting “Test Service” .


9. Below is the output in the browser i.e URL got created which can be used to call MM01 tcode in this scenario.


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