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Implement Comment service for a KM document using Java

Implement Comment service for a document in KM using Java



This document provides the detailed steps for implementing comment service for a document in KM. Using this we can create a new comment entry, read all the comments for a document

Applies to:

SAP Enterprise Portal, NWDS 7.0


Knowledge of PDK application development

Basic knowledge on KM

Access to KM folders on the portal


Steps to enable comment service in KM

  1. 1.       Launch SAP Enterprise and login with user ID having system admin role
  2. 2.       Navigate to System Configuration à Content Management à Repository Managers à CM Repository
  3. 3.       Select any working repository and click on “Edit” to add service “Comment” from the list as shown below


  1. 4.       Save the settings.
  2. 5.       Add few documents to the repository selected.
  3. 6.       Navigate to http://<host>:<port>/irj/go/km/docs/<repository path>.
  4. 7.       Select the context menu for the document and click “Details”. The Write a Review link is displayed for adding a new review.


Steps to create the application in NWDS:

  1. 1.       Launch NWDS and navigate to Enterprise Portal perspective.
  2. 2.       Choose File à New à Project.
  3. 3.       Select “Portal Application” from the wizard and click “Next”.
  4. 4.       Enter the project name and the location where the project need to be saved.
  5. 5.       Click on “Finish” and a new project with the name given in step 4 is displayed.
  6. 6.       Right click on the created project àNew àOther
  7. 7.       Select Portal application from the right hand side menu item as shown below
  1. 8.       Click on “Next” and select the project.
  2. 9.       Click on “Next”  and select “Abstract Portal Component” under portal component as shown below.
  1. 10.   Click on “Next” and fill in the required details and click on “Finish”.
  2. 11.   Once the component is created double click to open in NWDS.
  3. 12.   Copy the below code and paste it in the doContent() method
String rLocationtest = "/collaboration/comment";
IResourceContext resourceContext =                   
      ICollection collection =
  1. 13.   Create a new method loopFolder() with parameters ICollection and IResourceContext and paste the code below
public void loopFolder(ICollection collection, IResourceContext resourceContext, IPortalComponentResponse response)
      resList = collection.getChildren();
      resItr = resList.listIterator();
            IResource restemp =;
            if(restemp.isCollection() &&
                  docRID = RID.getRID(""+restemp);
                  kmResource =(IResource)
            restemp = null;
}// End of while
  1. 14.   Create method retrieveCommentsForFileInKM and paste the below code.
private void retrieveCommentsForFileInKM(IResource kmResource, IPortalComponentResponse response){
if(kmResource != null)
      IContent content = kmResource.getContent();
            InputStream is = content.getInputStream();
            fileLength = content.getContentLength();
            BufferedReader br = new BufferedReader(new
            String str = "";
            StringBuffer sbuf = new StringBuffer();
            while ((str = br.readLine()) != null)
                  if (!str.trim().equals(""))
            strContent = sbuf.toString();
            response.write("Content in comment file: - "+strContent);
            br = null;str = null;sbuf = null;content = null;is = null;
  1. 15.   Create a  method createNewComment() and add the code as shown below
private void createNewComment(String kmPath, IPortalComponentResponse response, IResourceContext resourceContext)
stkRID = new StringTokenizer(kmPath,"/");
            numberOfTokens = stkRID.countTokens();
            difference = 1;
            RIDForCreatingFile = "";
            while(numberOfTokens != difference)
                  RIDForCreatingFile += "/"+stkRID.nextToken();
            RIDForCreatingFile = RIDForCreatingFile + "/";
            newCommentFileName =
            //code for creating a new file
            docRID = RID.getRID(RIDForCreatingFile);
            folder = (ICollection)
            kmResource = folder.createResource(newCommentFileName,null,null);
            newCommentFileName = RIDForCreatingFile+newCommentFileName;
            docRID = RID.getRID(newCommentFileName);
            kmResource =(IResource)
            strContent = "Adding contect to empty files to check KM write
            is = new ByteArrayInputStream(strContent.getBytes("UTF-8"));                                   
            content = new Content(is, "text/html", -1, "UTF-8", null);
      response.write("Content updated successfully<br>");
  1. 16.   Add the missing imports and add any required jars and deploy the application on the portal. The application will list out all the reviews for a document and also create a comment file dynamically
  2. 17.   Location of the required jars can be found at

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