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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Crystal Embedded with SAP (EhP5)

Here are some common questions I hear, I thought I would write them down:

Q: Is a separate server needed? 

A: No, this is inside your SAP ECC/ERP system

Q: Are authorizations needed? 

A: No for SAP Crystal Reports, yes to report on transient providers that use BW authorizations

Q: What about performance issues?

A: Limit data in result sets

Q: For embedded SAP Crystal Reports, does this work for Crystal Reports for Enterprise?

A: No, you need to use SAP Crystal Reports 2008 SP 2 or SAP Crystal Reports 2011

I will be adding more as time goes on.

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  • Tammy,

    Just came across this post from year from last year.. This seems to be a special case of Embedded Analytics only for Crystal Reports.  It is not clear from your statements below whether the Crystal Reports engine/server is already included with your ECC/ERP license or still require a separate CR server or BOBJ server license.

    Can you please update on the latest and greatest inof on this?

    Thanks in advance,

    Raul Saet, PSG SE, NA West

    • The business suite viewer for Crystal is free and you can download it from Service Marketplace.

      However, if you want to make changes to those reports, you need a Crystal Designer license.

      No separate server/BOBJ license is required.

      • Thank you very much for the quick reply!!

        Is this still supported wtih CR 2013 designer?  You did not mention it above, maybe because it was pre CR2013 GA, btu I thought I'd ask this last question 🙂

        Thx again!


        • Yes, it works with Crystal 2011 or Crystal 2013

          Probably Crystal 2013 was not GA when I initially wrote this

          We use Crystal 2013 today to edit Crystal Reports and then upload them to ECC

          Maybe I'll try to post more examples soon.

  • Hello Tammy,

    Does Crystal Viewer work with any SAP ALV reports? I have the impression that there is a size limitation. Also what are the SAP pre-delivered Emabedded Analytics? Do they work without BusinessObjects?

    Thank you very much.



    • I haven't tested ALL ALV reports, but the ones we have tried it with, yes it works.

      The size limitation  - you cannot run any of these reports in the background

      You do not need a BI server

      For information on predelivered analytics see the home page Embedded Analytics for links.  We have not implemented those.


  • Tammy,

    Some years ago (2012) you wrote a page ( in which you presented recording about  Crystal Reports Embedded inside ECC: Running Crystal Inside a Standard SAP Report. The link to view the recording is no longer valid. Do you know where i can view this recording?



    • Ame - I don't know why that is no longer working but I found an old recording and uploaded it to YouTube:

  • Tammy,

    I have another question. I start making use of embedded crystal reports. We use the Crystal Report 2011. Now we also want to use crystal server 2016. This requires us to install Crystal Report Enterprise which seems not to be the same as Crystal Report 2011. Do you know if the SAP Embedded Crystal is compatible with any version of Crystal Report Enterprise or that there is a SAP note available to get it to work together. If not we have to have clients with the 2011 version and clients with the enterprise version since these two cannot be installed together on a single client.




    • Hi Ame - I recommend creating a new discussion at - as this solution above does not require Crystal Enterprise, but Crystal Reports 2016/2013/2011


      Embedded Crystal does *not* work with Crystal Enterprise.