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Using BRF+ DB lookup to create complex msmp rules

1.)  Some of the common attributes on which you will base your BRF msmp rule are alredy available in context( like priority,criticality      etc.) but there  are few other attributes which are not available in the context like role sensitivity etc. To create your rules based on these attributes you can create expression of type DB lookup and read these attributes realtime from database table. Following example will provide mode details of creating an initiator rule based on availablity of role owners



C     Create a new expression of type ‘DB Lookup’ in your existing initiator rule


1.)      Provide name and description to your DB lookup and fill in following details




      Once DB lookup is created and activated. Open your decision table and click on ‘Table Settings’ button. In your table settings ‘Insert Column’ as shown below



4.)     Select the newely created DB Lookup as a new column



5.)      Now in your decision table you can have first row for roles without role owners and rest of the table can remain same as your existing rule



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  • Amanjit,

    Thank you for this blog post, much appreciated. I do believe that within GRC, a routing can be set up as default to cater for roles with no approvers. However, pertaining back to your comment on a recent discussion, I am interested to know how having 2 DBLOOKUP's (one for Manager and another for Role Owner) may look in the decision table to catch the scenario of where "Manager" = "Role Owner". This would be very useful in a small/medium sized business where the Manager is more than likely to be the Role/Risk owner. Such a solution would create efficiency in the approval process and avoid repeated approval by same person (but taking into consideration they do indeed have the 2 different responsibilities).

    • Hi Prasant,

      by  trying to implement this solution, I am facing one small issue: How can I get in the DB Lookup this ROLE GUID from context? I woul really appreciate your help! thanks,


      Sabrina DB_Lookup_2.PNG

  • Hi Amanjit,

    Thanks for such a informative document.

    I am looking for your guidance where I have created a agent using role attribute(Bus Proc & Comp Code). I am able to determine single approver(User id)  but not able to return multiple User id in same case. I tried using DBlookup but it is not working.

    Please check the below link where i have posted my query

    MSMP-PFCG Agent rule help required

    It would be great if you could throw some light on this.

    Your earliest reply will be highly appreciated.


    Neeraj Agarwal

  • Hi Amanjit,

    thank your for this document! I also was looking for that. I am having just one problem: Can you advise me please how I can get the ROLE GUID from context? Here is my screehshot.

    When I am looking unter "Select Context Parameter" I am not able to find this Role Guid....

    Thanks in advance,

    best regards



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