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Have you heard, now sapinst will not be used. All the installation/system copy/uninstallation will be done through this new “thing” SWPM” — This is what a friend of mine told me.

We were discussing that the moment we settle down with some tool/version or any module, SAP changes it in such a way that we need to re-learn it all over again, which is certainly not a good feeling!

BUT this is not the case this time… so what is SWPM? it is a Master of Master of Master DVD. You don’t have to do anything new, just run the sapinst present in the DVD, and you are going to get these all extra options, no more running around for different DVDs for different versions or modules etc, sometimes SAP does good job too 😉 . I have done more than 100 installation+system copy with help of these two DVDs and take my word they are just same good old sapinsts minus some bugs.

For any operating system it has two avatars. One DVD for 7.3 and its EHPs and second DVD for rest of non-7.3s. Lets take a look at the screenshots of these two DVDs so that you can have idea what all is out there.

Note 1806601 – SYB Media list for installations based on NW 7.0 incl. EHPs

Note 1806816 – SYB- Media list for installations based on NW 7.3 incl. EHPs






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  1. Martin English

    Ishteyaque Ahmad

    The two notes that you mention provide a ‘less complete’ view of the full list of DVDs for installation on a new platform compared to what you see when you drill down on Installations and Upgrades –> My Company’s Application Components or

    Installations and Upgrades –> A-Z Index in

    I understand your intent with this blog, but I believe it’s very light on content. For example, where does the Software Provisioning Manager fit in with the rest of the components of the SL toolset, such as the SAPSetup tool, the two Software Update Managers, the Dual Stack Split Tool and so on (see ?


    1. Ishteyaque Ahmad Post author

      Thanks a lot Martin for giving some attention to some of my blogs.
      I totally agree with both of your mentioned points.

      1. Even when I wanted to install PI NW7.1, I need to use different DVD that was not there in the list of above shown two DVDs.

      2. About this blog, light on content and not discussed about SL toolsets, My intention behind this blog was not to cover SL toolset, just to address the situation/thinking mentioned in very first line of this blog in which I was before using SWPM. I thought there must be some more basis guys like me who have heard about SWPM and didn’t get a chance to work with it so far, so I wanted to give a message that there is nothing new, and nothing to worry about then I gave screenshots so that it can be found that what all can be installed with these 2 DVDs and what not.

      As you might have noticed some of my blogs are really lengthy but for this one I wanted to keep it short 🙂

      But anyway sorry to disappoint you though on this…

    1. Ishteyaque Ahmad Post author

      Please check the last screenshot, Under “SAP Business Suite 7i 2011” there you’ll find
      “Enhancement package 6 for SAP ERP 6.0” that is what you need to install.

  2. Former Member

    Helpful screenshots …recently I came to know about SWMP and was trying to search for information on how does the tool looks like and how does it differ from SAPINST. I have done many installations using SAPINST but was not sure what changes have been released in SWMP. Thanks Ishteyaque for a brief overview and screenshots. My worries are gone after I saw the similar screen 🙂 .


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