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Creation and copy of FPM Forms

Quick Introduction –

FPM Forms are the new alternate User Interface (along with Adobe UI) provided by SAP in EHP6 for HCM Process and Forms.  A decent introduction about this new UI was already provided by Siddharth Rajora in his blog –

Actual Story –

I would like to take a step ahead by demonstrating another way of creating and copying FPM Forms. I would like to split this blog into two pieces –

     1. Creation of FPM Form without using HCM Processes and forms Design Time

     2. Copy of FPM Forms

FPM Forms Creation (First half) –

As soon you hear this keyword – ‘FPM Forms Creation’, the very first thought that comes to our mind is HCM Process and Forms Design Time( Of course, the mighty transaction code – HRASR_DT ). Yes, we can create FPM Forms using this transaction code by launching the FLUID as shown below –


Usually the development happens in multi-client landscape where “Customization” is done in Customization client say C1, “Development” is done in Development client say C2 and “Testing” is done in Test client say C3. In this multi-client landscape, the Process related configuration(Creation of Process and Form Scenario) is always done in Customization client C1 . And forms needs to be developed in “Development” client C2. It’s bit tricky to create these forms without editing the Design Time configuration in “Development” client. On understanding this restriction, I came up with the below approach/solution that handles this requirement –

  1. Log into Development client C2 and run the WD Application – CONFIGURE_COMPONENT and key in the Component Name as “FPM_FORM_UIBB_GL2” and Configuration ID as form name. Click “Create” Button.


    b.  Select the appropriate package and save the changes into the Transport request ( Workbench request in Development Client )

    c.   Provide the Feeder Class name as – CL_HRASR00_FPM_FEEDER and click on “Edit Parameters” –


   d.  Provide the Feeder Class Parameters with the your Form Scenario details(Form Scenario and Form Scenario Version) and click on “Ok”  –


  e.  Go ahead with your form design and save the form.


f.  Log into “Customization” client C1 and add the newly created form to the form scenario configuration-


    You would be getting a Warning that the form already exists, ignore this warning by clicking “Ok”.


    Test the Process to view the new form as a part of final form –


FPM Forms Copy (Second half)

If there is a requirement like Copying the Standard FPM Form and make few tweaks to it. To achieve such requirements, you can follow the below steps –

     A.  Loginto Development client C2 and run the WD Application – CONFIGURE_COMPONENT and key in the Component Name as “FPM_FORM_UIBB_GL2” and

          Configuration ID as form name which you want to copy. Click “Copy” Button.


   B. Enter the new form details and save the form


   C. After successful copy, you would see the following confirmation screen –


   D.  Click and change mode and make your changes as per your requirement.

    E.    Log into “Customization” client  C1 and add the newly created form(i.e. copied form) to the form scenario configuration-


     Test the Process to view the new form as a part of final form –


   Thank You

     & I would like to take questions !

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  • Hi Raja Sheakar,

    THanks for sharing this.Could you please send how can we create FPM forms using HRASR_DT transaction?step by step process?

    Actually, we need to implement forms in EHP 6.

    It will helpful to us..



    • Thanks for the feedback Lava,

      Siddharth Rajora 's blog - provides most of the FPM Forms related information already.

      In fact you won't need any help in order to create a FPM Form, it's pretty easy thing.

      You can always check out with me if you are stuck with any point ! I might be able to help you in such cases.


      Raja Sekhar

      • Thanks Raja for your quick response.

        But i am very new to developing FPM forms.I knew ABAP WD.

        What should be prerequisite for creating FPM forms? in this blog u have shown with out HRASR_DT transaction code.But if we required to create FPM forms with HRASR_DT transaction?



        • Hi Lava Kumar,

          Well, if you are aware of little bit of WD ABAP, you should be alright to work on FPM Forms. This technology is so user friendly that even "Functional" consultants like me can easily create forms.

          Well, if you are working on multi-client landscape, then you should follow this blog for creating new forms. If you have single client landscape, then you can create FPM Forms straight from HRASR_DT transaction itself.



          • HI Raja,

            Thanks for response.

            Could you please share sequence of steps to create FPM forms?

            Ex:Vacancy Requisition Form or any personal forms...



          • Hi Raja,

            How can we start for a Vacancy Requistion form??

            I know few details about this form as mentioned below.

            Technical Data

            Web Dynpro Application


            Package of Web Dynpro Application


            Application Configuration


            Web Dynpro Component


            Component Configuration


            Application Component Controller

            Not relevant

            Software Component of Web Dynpro Application




            Available in the Composite Role From

            SAP enhancement package 5 for SAP E-Recruiting 6.0

            Required Business Function


            But how can is start?

            Please do the needful.



          • Hi Lava,

            I am sure it's a very simple process for creating FPM Forms. If you face any particular issue during FPM Form creation, you can let me know, I can help you out accordingly.



          • Hi Raja,

            Thanks a ton for the step by step tutorial.

            Can you please help me with the below issue:  When I provide the Configuation Id, Description and click on display I get the error as "Configuration does not exist". No create button is visible.



          • Hi Laxman,

            I think the forms doesn't exist in your client. Please use "Forms Reconciliation" to copy Processes and Form Scenarios from client 000.

            I am assuming you are searching the standard processes.


            Raja Sekhar



    i am very new to HCM PNF and FPM, I have a requirement to show a list of Vacation Requests created by the logged in user. Can you please provide me a step by step process no how to achive this.

    Many thanks