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Extracting source code using ABAP in Eclipse

In my last blog entry ( I showed you how you can generate a new method using the Quick Fix functionality with ABAP in Eclipse.

Today I want to show you a cool refactoring feature of ABAP in Eclipse that helps you to extract parts of your existing source code into a new method.

So let’s assume you have the following code inside of one of your methods that you want to reuse in other scenarios. The idea is now that you want to create a new method and take over the code into that new method.


In order to execute that development task you just mark the source code and press ALT-SHIFT-M or use the menu Source->Extract Method.


The tool analyses the extracted source code concerning input and output behavior and calculates a proposal for the method signature. The new method including the proposed signature is now displayed in a wizard:


On that wizard you can adjust the signature in case the proposal does not match your requirements. When you are done with your adjustments on the wizard you complete the step by pressing Finish. The tool generates the new method into your code and replaces the extracted source by the method call.


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