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The DevTalks Series – Episode 2 – Document Service

You might have read my blog about the borg and the document service some days ago. That blog provided you with some sample code how you can easily created your own file-storage application with SAP HANA Cloud Platform in around 6 minutes (my personal record is 2:28 minutes 🙂

Based on that experience I taped episode 2 of the DevTalks series and I’ve talked to my colleague Florian Mueller about the Document Service in SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Let us know in case you have questions.

In case you got interested in the Document Service of SAP HANA Cloud Platform and want to get your hands dirty with some code, try the sample application I’ve provide in my blog about the Document Service. At the end you can deploy the code on your personal HANA Cloud Platform trial landscape an together with some additional code for security management around it, you can setup a nice app that stores your documents on your own free SAP HANA Cloud Platform account.


For those of you who don’t know how to start with SAP HANA Cloud, yet: visit the developer center for SAP HANA Cloud Platform and get started quickly.

Have fun,


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