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As business demands frequent changes to SAP Environment it becomes even challenging to respond to them within stipulated time frame. While you are chasing time frame just before the deployment your Quality Management person gives go and finally business says that this was not the requirement they anyway wanted. How do you tackle that? Have you been in a situation where business has asked to pre-pone the deployment date and you are not in a position to know what the current status is and whether it will be possible or not to pre-pone the date?

IBM Rational provides the capability that allows you to keep track of to-date test plans, test cases, status reports and what’s important is the traceability feature. It allows you to export a Solution Manager blueprint and create related artifacts like test plans and test cases and requirements. The requirements are linked to the test plans and test cases so that you can then determine if the requirements have been tested and what tests passed and failed for each requirement. Further the integration with IBM Rational can push test results back into Solution Manager so business analysts, who defined the requirements, can also track testing against requirements.

This integration is done using IBM Rational connector for SAP. Whats interesting here is not only the requirements >test plans> test cases> test results can be stressed but also the team collaboration where you can customize monthly reports and assign tasks to the team members. The team collaboration feature explores many things. Hence the integration provides almost all the capabilities of ALM however it goes a step ahead and also allows you to integrate with existing JIRA, GIT or HPQC solutions.

These capabilities allow you to use existing solutions and yet integrate them effectively with SAP Solution Manager. The IBM ALM not only supports SAP Solution Manager but also goes a step ahead to give traceability in SAP deployments. Moreover it takes your SAP Solution Manager to next level to integrate seamlessly with heterogeneous solutions built on JIRA, GIT or HPQC.

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