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Add partner function to standard report

Hi Friends,

Here i am trying to show you, how we add partner function to the standard report selection criteria.

Requirement : i want to run report to  generate  list of Quotations  with ship to party instead of Sold to party, but standard report VA25 have only partner function sold to party as selection field, now we want to enhance the VA25 report to include SH(Ship to party) as a selection criterion.

Now the system output:

  • Go to Tcode VA25 , Only sold to party selection field available.



  • Click on Partner function tab, a popup appear with select partner function.


  • If you want to change the partner function(SP to SH) system will not allow and give warning massage.



Configuration steps for retired output:

  • SPRO –> Sales& distribution –> Sales –> List –.> Set updating of partner index.
  • Go to new entry and select required transaction group ( in our we select 2- quotation) and save the record.


  • Go to Tcode VA25 and select partner function tab, now you should able to see partner function SH(Ship to party)


  • Now you should able to execute VA25 report with partner function SH.


  • But system will give the following massage, this is standard behaviour now we have to updating the historical data.


Updating the historical data:


Go to Tcode SE38 and enter program name “RVV05IVB”

  • Execute the programme .


  • Select the” partner index” filed in sales document and execute.


  • Now go to Tcode VA25 and enter ship to part name and execute, we will get the total historical report .


Hope you like my detailed explanation

If you still have any doubts or further clarification reuired , plz let me know.



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