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We’ve just completed an upgrade from R/3 Enterprise to ERP6 EHP5. We’ve been planning it for years – we’ve been running 4.7 since March 2004 – but various internal things have caused us to postpone it again and again, until we could postpone it no more! So, after just a week short of 9 years running 4.7 we’re finally back running something fairly current!

But this has got me thinking. ERP6 is supported until 2020 so we have at least 7 years before we have to upgrade again. I say “at least” because SAP have been know to change the maintenance goalposts before. We could easily have an extra year or two. But even if we only get 7 years, what will happen then? Things are changing so quickly these days in the technical world that I don’t think anyone really knows. Will on-premise systems have disappeared and my next major ERP project be a migration to a cloud-based ERP system? Will HANA have taken over the world? Will the whole concept of a single ERP system be anachronistic and instead we’ll be stitching together cloud-based HR, purchasing, CRM, etc. systems into something more loosely coupled?

I’m pretty sure that SAP will still exist in 7 years time, but what will SAP systems look like then? Answers (guesses, wild speculation all welcome:-) on a postcard, or in a comment below…

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  1. Susan Keohan


    First off, congrats on the upgrade. I know it takes a lot of hard work, even by you Basis guys.

    I think in  7 years, we will all be running SAP with a HANA chip on Google Glasses, so get out your tiny screwdriver 😉


    1. Steve Rumsby Post author

      What do you mean “even by you Basis guys”. The phrase you’re looking for is “especially by you Basis guys”, no? 😛

      But seriously, thank you – it was of course a team effort. I probably did less than most.

      Could Google Glasses be the new mobile? That’s not such a silly suggestion. Although how our accountants will fit their 3000 column, 3 million row excel spreadsheets on a Glasses display I can’t imagine…

      1. Gregory Misiorek


        what 3 million row spreadsheets? MSFT is “advertising” 100 million rows already but we don’t need no glasses for that. i think you got yourself a whole bunch of webdynpros to corral and secure or at least that seemed to be the development model before HANA has arrived.

        Enjoy the new wealth,


      2. Susan Keohan

        I am surprised you don’t recognize a good-natured ribbing.  Of course, you are probably just over-tired from the upgrade – I mean, you people stay up all day and all night for weeks at a time, or so I am told.  🙂


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