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Create a new method in eclipse editor via the form-based method wizard

A very useful feature in ABAP development is the possibility to create a new method from the editor via the form-based method generation wizard. Here I will show you how you can do that with ABAP in Eclipse:

So let’s assume you are in the editor implementing your ABAP code in a class method.

Now you recognize that you need a new method that you want to call within your created code.

You can now navigate to the definition part of the class to add the method signature, implement the method and navigate back to the call position of the newly created method. That’s a bit cumbersome, isn’t it. 😕

Why not do the following:

You can create the new method by just typing the name of the non-existing method in the editor and use the Quick Fix functionality. You do this just via pressing CTRL-1 when the cursor is positioned on the method name:



On the upcoming Quick Fix popup you choose the option Create method ….

The editor now opens a wizard to define the signature of the new method:



You can now specify the most relevant details of the method like visibility, access scope and the name.

In addition you can specify the parameters of the method via the table control. You can define whether you need importing, exporting, changing or returning parameter and you can specify the parameter type with very nice value help in the editor cell. 




When you are ready with the declaration you press Finish and you’re done.

The editor now automatically generates out of this information the method declaration and the method implementation:


You can now directly go ahead with your implementation.

Kind Regards,


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  • Hello Thomas,

    thank you for showing this. For me as an SE80-fanatic, it has been(and still sometimes is) hard to move to AiE. Especially, I like (...) the form-based class builder, because it/he makes the declarations for me;-)

    But: The key-features of the Eclipse-platform prevail the the effort for an experience developer to move from SE80 to AiE. Hopefully, more and more features are implemented! 

    Say a "Well done" to all members of the AiE-Team!

    Kind regards,


  • Hi Thomas,

    Nice blog, thank you.

    I recommend to use this approach (CTRL + 1 method for method wizzard) also for unit tests, it is really simple to create new test case methods.

    Another useful feature here is types autosuggestion. So if you have types declaration before call:

    DATA l_carrid TYPE s_carrid.

    DATA l_connid TYPE s_conn_id.

    And enter new method name that does not exists yet:

    reserve_booking( i_carrid = l_carrid i_connid = l_connid ).

    wizard will automatically suggest these variables. That allows developer to write code even more efficiently and that is the power of AiE.

    Regards 🙂


  • Hi Thomas,

    Is possible that quick fix doesn't work for global classes in 7.3 release?

    It gives me the following error:

    Invalid XML format of the response. Usually this is a programming error, but occasionally this is caused by an outdated client. Details: Value '' is not legal. (platform:/resource/project/emfresource.extractmethodrefactoring, 1, 715)



  • Love this, thanks for sharing! It would be great to be able to do this for interfaces as well. With code like below:

    DATA: object_reference TYPE REF TO zif_some_interface.

    object_reference->new_method( ).

  • I am a real fan of the ADTs and yesterday I held a presentation to my collegues and one interesting question came up.

    Is this the only way to get the formular based method creation?

    Because it would be an awesome feature if you are on the CLASS DEFINITION and hit CTRL+1 and like creating the CONSTRUCTOR from there it would be a cool feature to create METHODS as well from there.

    Best regards,



    • Hi Florian,

      yes, this is definitely on our list of Quick fixes that we want to enable in future. I see also the option to offer this in outline and project explorer view as well in the context menu. But up to now the above described way is the only option to create methods in a from based approach.



  • Hi Thomas,

    I really like to work with quick fixes, but I'm missing one feature in creation of methods from quick fix. If I take an existing class "ZCL_NEW_CLASS" and try to instatiate an object from it there is no quick fix to add a constructor from the given context. Is this planned or could it be added to the list of quick fixes to enable in future?


    DATA(example) = NEW ZCL_NEW_CLASS(  
                      is_marc = ls_marc

    CTRL+1 on "ZCL_NEW_CLASS" should give the suggestion "Create constructor" with parameter is_marc with type of the supplied ls_marc, as in the normal object->new_method( ) Quick fix.