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7 Things To Be Done Once Completed SAP Training & Passed Certification.

I have written this blog from those people who have completed their training with full enthusiasm & zeal regularly attended the class & practiced the session on time. Thinking that once you are done with complete training and certification No One In The World Can Stop You To Get You Into The Lucrative Industry since you have paid a high price for this training so this kind of feeling is pretty much obvious.But the reality is very few or in fact no candidate has been placed & now we’re all staring each other think man what  has happened was all of our hard work  is wasted……

          Well but don’t worry you all will be getting your jobs but it will takes some time It depends on how passionate your to get into the field.

Well in the mean time I have some homework for you, that you should do on daily basis or depending upon your availability,  so that you so not lose hope and waste all your hard effort  that you put in while training

  • Take a deeeeeeeep breath and think so what if I didn’t get placed it’s just a matter of time within a couple of month I’ll be IN.
  • If you are a working professional then you should dedicate at least an hour in a day taking any topics of you respective module and keep practicing & keep reading
  • If you are a fresher then you should practice but apart from that you should go to any good job portal and search output for the job in your module and take a good look over the responsibility  and try to do practical on them & you can always go through SCN for any doubts
  • Try to find some consultant of your module by using Facebook, linked in, Google+ etc. and get in touch with them and ask for some help about what’s the current market trend, what’s in demand & where is the demand
  • Try to search on the real time implementations that are being carried out what’s are the process that are followed there are many useful
  • Keep updating your resume on job portal with improved skills adding some responsibility in demo project and so on
  • Well if you are a group than keep discussing the topics & issues that you come across while your practice and do share the job opening  if you found them don’t think If told him then he will grab my opportunity this is a very mean though which colleagues do usually get in their mind but for this I would say that if you didn’t get selected and your friend did than its good because this means that he/she is more knowledgeable that you and even if you get selected then you could end up in trouble cause in interview you said know all but in real time you are not able manage the problem then you end up in depression, tension & giving 10-11hrsin office  and thinks like that

Thanks For Reading.

Hope That It Would Have Helped you in Some Or The Other Way.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I agree that the key to success in SAP is doing your homework and continued self education. Here are some links I've put together that may help!

      More links can be found at SAP Career Blog Links.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, Yaser,

      Where are you from and on which SAP module do you work on ?

      I appreciate your positive approach.

      Even I am of the same opinion that positive altitude always works.

      But there is always an exception to every rule, and here in this case, I my self is an exception 😉 .

      Please go through the link below and please let me know how to sustain and survive just with positive altitude and without JOB and HOW LONG ?

      Sorry but Fact !!! 🙂


      Chirag Shah

      Author's profile photo Yaser Riaz
      Yaser Riaz
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Chirag,

      After going through your blog what i can suggest you is 1st of all you should start giving training in FI & since your are having a sound knowledge about this field. people would easily be convinced by your profile So this may be your nice source for bread and butter and will help you to maintain you on same lines and updated.

      Now coming to your question how long shall i try?

      Buddy if you have any other platform or technology to choose with then you should surely move on to it else

      "Keep Training & Keep searching" 🙂

      Hope this would have helped

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Yaser,

      Thanks for your reply, suggestion, and guidance.

      I have applied to each and every opportunity that is available on any of the JOB portals, including training and support, short duration projects but of no use.

      If I calculate only monetary coasts, SAP has coasted me at least  INR 18 Lac. + all non-monetary coasts like tension, pressure and may be depression etc. which is beyond my capacity.

      Accepting such a big deep at mid of the career is very very difficult.

      And that is the reason I gave-up, and as you advised above, I said good bye to SAP and diverted back to domain and stopped even applying for SAP JOBs.

      Now, I just spend 10-15 minutes a day in surfing on SCN and keep in touch.

      Now I have no option but to keep on scolding my fate.

      Any way its my destiny. I wish and hope that I am the only exception to the rule of positive approach  and no one else experience what I had in my SAP journey.

      Wish you all, all the very best.



      Author's profile photo Yaser Riaz
      Yaser Riaz
      Blog Post Author

      Your Welcome Chirag.

      Its indeed was a hard time for you but i am sure in these times you must have learnt very important lessons of life. so don't scold yourself but be proud of you have done.

      This is what is life all about.

      Best Of Luck for Next Phase Of your Life.

      Since the earlier phase was a bit difficult the coming would be much easier and prosperous.

      One last suggestion that i would like you to give is since you had a lot of losses during these years and now your going back to your domain it's good but I'll still ask you to keep looking for SAP jobs side by side. cause what i feel is i don't want all your hard work to go in vein. 😉

      Bye 🙂

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Thanks Yaser.

      Thanks for all your wishes.

      Your point is taken. 🙂

      Even I still hope and wish to have my future destination @ SAP

      But god knows what destiny wishes!!!



      Author's profile photo Ravi Sankar Venna
      Ravi Sankar Venna

      Thanks Chriag for another good blog.

      Hopefully, your experience would help the participants who passed the certification and looking for SAP Jobs. Many people are under the impression, certification is a job guarantee program. Your blog would help them for the participants for the proper home work before investing large amount of money.

      Best Regards,