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       I have some questions, when begun deployment sapgui’s for clients computers our company.  How to get what version and patch on the host? As we know, SM04 get version and IP, but no Patch version. How to get it? By searching, found: “Note 748424 – Evaluation of SAP GUI versions and patches”. I Implement this note, but report in the note done as a “Testreport to show the interfaces” with very low functionality. I have extended this ABAP report from Note 748424 and hope, you can find it useful.

      1. Presentation


1.1 Click Execute


1.2 How much sapgui’s?


1.3 Double click on interesting line.


You can view hosts, IP, and Gui version overview.

2. Here are the STEPS to implement.

2.1.  Implement  “SAPGUI_VERSION”  in EXIT_SAPLSUSF_001 from Note 748424.

2.2.  Implement “ZSAPGUI_VERSION_REPORT”, from attached source file.

2.3.  Activate User-Exit in the transaction CMOD:


Source ABAP program below as a attached file ZSAPGUI_VERSION_REPORT.txt

The Text_Symbols.txt file is a headers Lines at Top of Page.

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