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Gradual / Country Specific Rollout of Travel Expense Management (TEM)


This is how we did our setup to do a gradual roll out of travel applications. We were on EHP4+SAP Portal 7.0 and are now on EHP5+SAP Portal 7.3 and this setup still works.

We use the country specific services in homepage framework to make sure only some users see the links to our travel applications in area overview pages in portal. An example is shown below – note that we have copied standard services into own namespace in this case.


Then we created 2 portal roles as shown below. One (ESS) that every portal user has and one (ESS TEM) for travel users only. As a result it only contains the travel workset and iviews:


We merged the 2 ESS roles (you might have to read up about role merging but it is pretty simple. Just give both roles/worksets same merge IDs etc.)  and if assigned this “add-on” role you get an extra tab in portal as shown below:


The one problem we had with the above setup was to hide the homepage framework area service link to Travel and Expenses in the ESS overview page for non-travel users. This is the link:


For that we had to create an enhancement to function module HRXSS_SER_GETMENUDATA to dynamically hide this part of overview page based on assigned backend role (the TEM merge role as described at the top is linked to this backend role). This can be done by creating an enhancement like this at the bottom of this function module:


This provides us with a nice and flexible setup for gradual rollout of the travel and expense application. If anyone has suggestions of how to avoid the enhancement above please let me know 🙂

I hope this will help someone.

Br Jan

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  • This will definitely help me a great lot! We will upgrade in about one month from EHP4 / Portal 7.01 to EHP6 / Portal 7.02 and I already saw issues coming concerning the new navigation framework and the old homepage framework. If I come around another possibility than enhancing the HRXSS-FM, I'll let you know.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! 🙂

    Cheers, Lukas

    • Yes we've kept using the old Homepage Framework for now as we are still using a lot of the old Java based services. LPD_CUST will have to wait for now 🙂

  • Hello Jan,

    Thanks for the great blog. We are in the process of planning a roll out for various countries. I just want to know if there are country specific iViews, Roles, Worksets for the T&E shipped by SAP just like we have for Address and other things?