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FKS: New option for Automatic Rescheduling

We just released the notes 1827616 (9.0, will be released soon) 1825670(8.0 / 8.1) which enables a nice new feature:

With a new user parameter /SCMTMS/SCH_FORCE (needs to be set to X) the user can activate automatic rescheduling.

If the departure time in the first (or for 9.0 current..) stop is changed, an automatic rescheduling is started and the planned departure time is kept.

So if the user changes the departure time:


After changing the departure to 15.03.2013 the scheduling is automatically performed and all times are adapted. Specifically interesting is that forward scheduling is performed, but the loading at the departure location is still backward scheduled.


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  • Hi Bernd,

    This is quite an interesting and useful feature.

    Regarding to this, my question now would be... this means that the place where the schedule action form the root node is called needs to be changed, together with this new parameter?

    I am working on a TM 9.0 system, and I have noticed this thing, that changing the departure dare and executing a forwards scheduling, the loading times are calculated back-words (cool). Nevertheless, I noticed that the times are not calculated once again (loading), just changed, right? I am now wondering...can the actual beginning of the Freight Order be changed and then a forwards scheduling performed? Or in every case, it is just possible to change the departure time?

    Thanks in advance!

    My best wishes,