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In response to high demand for in-depth information about our solution “Accounting for Financial Instruments”, SAP has created a video training focusing on loans and foreign currency accounting – two topics for which we receive most questions. This training reflects the structuring of AFI as of release 8.0 and will be used as basis for all future customer projects. We have received excellent feedback during SAP-internal roll-out and ‘boot camp sessions’ and trust that you will be benefiting from the training as well. Moreover, we believe a solid and common foundation helps us communicate more efficiently with our joint customers about Accounting for Financial Instruments.

The video training consists of two parts*:

  • Part I: Accounting for Financial Instruments – Loans and FX accounting from a business perspective

The goal of this part is to purely explain the underlying business concepts. This is done both conceptually and by means of concrete and prototypical loan lifecycles.

Access video training   

The file contains the PDF of the presentation. We recommend printing out the posting templates for the sample lifecycles in section 3.

  • Part II: Accounting for Financial Instruments – From a business perspective to SAP Bank Analyzer

This part takes the business concepts from part 1 and explains how they are implemented in the system and outlines the implications for the Bank Analyzer Release 8.0 configuration.

Access video training


*These videos are for partners only. Access to the videos require a S-User ID. To a request a S-User ID click  HERE

Your feedback is most valuable to us, feel free to email:

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  1. Former Member Post author

    Hi All,

    Thank for your interest in this video training, and apologies for the inconvenience. I just received an update about the link issue.




    1. Former Member Post author

      No new updates for now – sorry, we are trying to re-record the videos but the size is making it it a challenging endeavor…

    1. Former Member

      Hello Laura,

      I did try to log on and view the video but could not.  Is it that I

      am a “Glass” member and because of that it does not allow

      me to see the videos…  I appreciate if you can provide me the videos

      thru Google Drive and my email on Google is

      Thanks a million


        1. Former Member Post author

          Do you have a s-user id with the appropriate access rights to access content in services market place? If not, please request a s-user via the link I provide in the blog post. If you have a s-user but still can’t access, please let me know.


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