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SAP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX Integration Using SAP PI

Trying SAP Integration add-on for SAP HCM and SFSF interface using SAP PI was great learning for us, being so new in the market implementation had its own challenges which were well reinforced by SAP. One of the ideas was to understand nitty-gritty of the integration between SFSF and SAP HCM. My blog is to complement Harish Sreedher’s blog with SAP PI setup to provide complete picture of the solution.

Interface solution overview

Solution Over view.jpg

Above figure depicts the integration aspect of this solution. All calls are synchronous in nature with SAP HCM being source. HCM and PI systems are connected through proxy implemented in integration add-on provided by SAP. SAP PI and SFSF integrated through SOAP (axis) adapter.

Important points to consider for environment setup


  • Opening firewall unidirectional port 443 from SAP PI to SFSF
  • SFSF is service based and HCM system is always a consumer of the service for both data update to SFSF as well as compensation data retrieval from SFSF. In the figure data upload to SFSF marked in blue and data retrieval marked in orange
  • Being HTTPs call this would need server certificate installation on java stack and same needs to be configured in SOAP channel
  • Proxy Server configuration required depending on environment
  • Good to have “XPI Inspector” installed on SAP PI system to resolve any connection issue


SAP PI Environment used in this scenario

SAP NetWeaver 7.3 Dual Stack

IR Requirement

Download “SFIHCM01 600” from marketplace and import to ESR, this pre-delivered package contains all required ESR objects for “Compensation Planning Process”


ID Configuration


Configure standard ID objects with HCM (Business System) as source and SFSF (Business Component) as target. A single communication channel can be used for all SFSF calls. Configuration details provided below.

ID2 Adapter.jpg

Processing sequence


Module Configuration

dcreq    handler.type

dcreq    key.b                     write Cookie

dcreq    location.b            header

dcreq    value.b                 Cookie

rem        handler.type

rem        namespace

trp          handler.type

trp          http.proxyHost XXXX

trp          http.proxyPort  XXXX

trp          module.pivot     true

xireq      handler.type

xires      handler.type

Each call from HCM starts with login request and ends with logout request. This implies for each business transaction it makes three calls to SFSF. We tested with low volume scenario which worked fine, need to see how it would perform in high volume/multi user scenario.

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  • Thanks for sharing this. The details given are good enough to understand the scenario. I was wondering about the Cloud Integration that SAP is planning to have with SFSF and SAP HCM solution with SAP Avatar. Any idea about SAP Avatar (SAP PI On-Cloud) ?

    Will this be the scenario if the customer wants to integrate SAP HCM and SFSF or make use of SAP ERP Payroll Engine for his/her SFSF users?

    • We need wait and see the deployment of PI content to cloud base
      on-demand integration infrastructure. Only issue I see with hosted PI is exposure
      of on-premise HCM to outside network. Since PI content for this integration is
      thin, it shouldn’t be difficult to deploy.

      Can you please explain the second question?

  • nice blog.

    We want to send  Employee Data from SuccessFactor to  3rd party ( non-Sap) systems using PI 7.3 as the middleware.If i understand correctly there are 2 ways SF can connect to PI 1) CSV file ( using SFTP) 2) SOAP( with axis protocol).

    Can you please let me know which is the best here  and also step by step process for each?

    I heard that SF is having API for each business process ( i.e employee data, payroll, time management etc).. Does the API means webservice ? Can we import this in PI?

    Thank in advance.

    • This add-on has two components SAP HCM and SAP PI. In case it is third party you are losing the benefits of SAP HCM portion which is a major benefit of this add-on. It maintains sessions for login/logoff, sequencing of the calls to SFSF and synchronizes data between HCM and SFSF with no manual intervention in SAP PI scenario and minimal manual effort in case of CSV file scenario.

      Considering your scenario you can think of following options.

      1. Using CSV: SFSF provides SFTP site for upload and download of data. You can use any of SFTP tool to perform the work or you can also develop SAP PI SFTP interface to automate the scenario. This would need SFTP add-on on your SAP PI server. If the 3rd party app is not within network you can as well have your 3rd party vendor to get data from SFSF.
      2. Using SAP PI: You may not be able to utilize add-on benefits 100% in your scenario. You can still use PI portion of pre-delivered content and simulate HCM work from 3rd party application.


      I would personally suggest option 1 because it is simple to develop and maintain in your case. Detailing out process steps for you scenario will be little too much as of now but in case If I can I will post it.


      APIs may not typically mean WebServices but in my scenario (Compensation process) it does. You could say APIs exposed as WebServices. And I am assuming here that any other process would also follow the same. Since it is WebService you can always import them.

      My recommendations are completely based on our experience, so any other comments on this are most welcome.

  • This is very Good Document which will help to start up integration between SAP HCM and Sucess Factor.Thanks for sharing your expereinces while working on this integration.

    I just need some details regarding sucess factor URL: mentioned in the communication channel with port is the URL which we login for sucess factor.From where i can get this login, is it from sucess factor team.From where i can get the server certificate.

    • Hi Manoj,

      URL and credentials will be provided by SFSF team. We got access to SFSF demo server. User ID and Password is not configured in channel but sent as data while login request. Once you get server access you can always download the certificate from the site through browser, its a server certificate.

      Basically you need to get

      1.User ID password to access SFSF through their website and APIs

      2.URL where you will can make connection. SFSF Demo or Production

      3.Certificates, you can download from WebService URL

      • Hi Suman,

        The WSDL file which is loaded in the enterprise respository has given the URL that needs to be used in the URL in the communication channel.I have configured communication channel.But i have checked in the communication channel monitoring.It is in error:”Channel has internal error”.When i checked in the administration information it has Error:Exception:Channel with status unknown or not Registered”.Have you encountetred like this error.In the linked blog,i came across there is some SAP hot fix for connection issue.Is this is Mandatory for every one.



      • Hi Suman,

        I have a question relating to the user id/password you mentioned:

        1.User ID password to access SFSF through their website and APIs

        We have a consultant that told us that this had to be “hardcoded” into the PI interface.  I don’t believe this to be true.  The documentation I read seem to indicate that this would be passed from ERP over to PI and thus wouldn’t needed to be hardcoded in PI.  I assume there must be someplace in ERP HCM where this user id/password that has access to the SuccesFactors API would be stored?


        Liz Alonso

        • Hi Elizabeth,

          You are right.we configure the user id and password in ECC.

          Personnel Management->Integration Add-On for SAP ERP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX->Basic Settings->Settings for Middleware->Store Credentials for Transferring Employee Data to Secure Storage



          • Thank you Manoj!  I thought as much. 

            I have another question regarding the security certificates. 

            We downloaded the certificates and uploaded them into Netweaver.  However, when I go into the soap axis communcation channel, and try to select them I cannot see them in the value list.  The only thing I see in the Keystore Entry field for WebServiceSecurity is “System-key“.  The Basis admin imported them into both Trusted CA and WebServiceSecurity. 

            Anyone have any ideas?



          • Hi,

            Basis has to upload in both Trusted CA and the Webservice Security.You will not see them in the value list.You just need to enter manually.The name that you have given while uploading in the Webservice Security.



      • Hmmm, there seems to be some confusion here at our company about this user and password that are provided by SuccessFactors? 

        My understanding is that this is 1) provided by SuccessFactors 2) entered on the “Middleware settings” screen in the ERP system where it is passed to PI.

        The part that seems to be in contention is the idea that this user actually exists in our ERP system?  I don’t believe this user exists here at all, but only exists in the SF system and is entered as a parameter on the Middleware settings screen for PI use.  Is this correct?

        I know there is another admin person who will exist here and will reset passwords for our internal users who have access to SuccessFactors, right?

        Is that the exent of it?


        • Liz,

          The user name and password that you put in the middleware settings config is a SuccessFactors user ID, not an SAP user ID. In our case the person in our company who will be doing user management for our SuccessFactors implementation set up a user in SuccessFactors specifically for this purpose. I believe there is some special setting or permission that this user must be granted in order to enable it to access the SuccessFactors API. There is also some special entry in SuccessFactors that allows this user to not have to change its password on the same schedule as a normal user.

          When I was testing the integration I actually logged in to SuccessFactors with this user ID to make sure the calls from PI were getting through and that the data looked correct.



  • Hi Suman,

    Issue is resolved because there is some issue with the axis adapter installation.But new Problem raised because of the certificates that which i have installed.First thing under which category i need to install the It is under webservice security.I have installed under it and when i run the service interface i am getting below error. Peer certificate rejected by ChainVerifier



    • Hi Manoj,

      Great to hear your issue related to channel is resolved. For certificates, you can install under and view but not trust store. For that reason if you are using WS Security view it should work. Can you let us know how did you downloaded the certificate and with what extension? If possible share your NWA screen and ID configuration. Problem is with certiicate it is either sending something wrong or not even sending it.

  • Hi Suman,

    Regarding certificate also resolved.I need to install the certificate in 2 places one in Trustedcas and websecurity.Then my Transmission to the Succes factor is Succes.



  • Hi Suman,

    This is amazing Blog. I am also trying to implement Employee data to SF through webservices.

    1. I have create the credintials (User Id password) in SPRO but I used my credintials. 

         SInce Successfactor team says they can’t provide user id passwords.

    2. You mentioned that we can get URL from enterprise repository WSDL , is it this one” xmlns:p0=”, please correct me if I am using wrong URL. I am very new to webservices so might ask dump questions.

    3. We are experincing issues with SOAP axis adapeter, rasied OSS message with SAP they mentioned Jar file need to download but it didn’t do the trick agian it has gone back. Can you share what you did to make Axis adapter work?

    Please reply back i am really in a need for proceed with this project.



    • Hi Ria,

      1.First You need the credentials to login to the Sucess Factor.This will be provided by the sucess factors team.Without this we cannot work on integration.

      2.Url which is mentioned above is wrong.It is available in the WSDL file.

      3.To make axis adapter to work You need to install the jar file mentioned in the oss note:



      4.Please install the XPI inspector also.It will help you the track the issues.

      My Expereince in axis adapter installation is that all the components are not installed properly.You can check whether it is installed properly or not

      To check whether deployment was successful, use the following URL:  




      • Hi Manoj,

        Thanks alot for your reply.

        I have another question, I am trying to run the extractor program but it is not selecting any employees instead giving me a technical error message. Is it nessasary that I have to have adapter setup to get this program generating payload?

        To check whether deployment was successful, use the following URL:  


        The URL you mentioned above is to test the webservice right but to connect to SF I should be using



        • Hi Ria,

          If you select “File Transfer with path” option it won’t need adapter setup. But if you are selecting “Middleware” option it needs connections to be configured correctly and functioning.

        • Hi Ria,

          As Mentioned by suman above,We have 2 Options one is File Tarnsfer Path and Middleware.So You are asking for axis adapter stuff.I assume that you are looking for the Middleware stuff.Definetly if you have any configuration issue from PI side you will get errors when you run the program.There are some mandatory parameters which should satisfy.

          First Check whether axis adapter is deployed properly.You can do this check by using this:http://<host&gt;:<port>/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet.This URL to check the sucessfull deployment fo axis adapter in SAP PI.Do not get Confuse.

          Then the URL to use webservices is :



          Once this is sucess full,The URL to handshake with Sucess factor is is the URL you configure in communication channel..This

          • HI Manoj/ Suman,

            Thanks alot for your replies.  Can you please suggest from where you have got the JAR files for Axis Adapter.  We are unable to download the file for Apache – AXIS.  This link suggests http://<host&gt;:<port>/XIAxisAdapter/MessageServlet 

            the links to download the AXIS JAR file but I can’t find which one is the right one.  Can you please share what version you used and where did you download this file from.



  • Thank you so much for posting this blog.

    I’m begining a project of SFSF in one client that already have SAP HCM, and in all other projects I work, We use SAP PI 7.3, but this client has told me that the only version of PI that SFSF works is SAP PI 7.1 … Is this true? I will really appreciate you answer.


    • Hi kheren,

      Sap Administration guide says we can use sap PI 7.0 and above.But in My POC i have used PI 7.3.I did not face any issues.It went smoothly.Main Work for me is installing the axis adapter and server certificates.



          • Hi Manoj

            Now I can see the Save as File Option to generate Certificates.

            But My Doubts is Format of Certificate :-

            DER encoded binary X.509 (.CER) ????

            BASE -64 X.509 encoded (.CER) ???

            And Now when I go to Website Certificate It Show Path as :-

            thawte Primary Root CA

                 Thawte  SSL CA


            Where as exported certificate has only one thing in path


            Kinddly suggest is it correct

          • Hi Sharma,

            BASE -64 X.509 encoded (.CER) ??? is the required one because we can only upload this into sap pi.

            You have to download totally 3 and upload 3 into sap pi.

            thawte Primary Root CA–3rd certificate

                 Thawte  SSL CA—->2nd certificate

                      *—–>1st certificate you have to download and upload 3 into webservice security and trusted ca as mentioned above.



          • Hi Manoj/Suman,

            We managed to get all the sda files for Axis adapter and it is showing green finally.

            1. But I am getting following  error with modulefailed to initialize: org.apache.axis.ConfigurationException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ————————- Loader Info ————————- ClassLoader name: [] Living status: alive Direct parent loaders: [system:Frame] [] [library:engine.j2ee14.facade] Resources: /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ ————————————————————— java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ————————- Loader Info ————————- ClassLoader name: [] Living status: alive Direct parent loaders: [system:Frame] [] [library:engine.j2ee14.facade] Resources: /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ /usr/sap/DAX/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/bin/ext/ ————————————————————— at at

            2. We are also getting another issue with extractor program, not getting any data from the that program none of the employees are getting selected?

            3. Is Certificate the pre-requisite for correcting above errors?



          • Hi ,

            1.Certificates are definetly important.

            2.You can execute the report and you have to uncheck the mandatory things from the selection screen.



          • We have Uploaded all three certificates and all three in Order .

            We have Uploaded them only one place – Trusted CA and WebStore.

            1. thawte.cert

            2. ThawteSSLCA.cert

            3. Successfactors.cert

            Renamed   Successfactors to *

            So my Question is : Is this all or we need to do anything else.



  • Hi,

    I would like to have a time stimation of how Iong it will take to perform the integration for SAP HCM and the recruiting module of Success Factors.. Where can I find any reference?

    Thank you very much in advance,



  • We are trying to use this connector for compensation management in SuccessFactors, and we are finding that there is a dirth of information about the PI setup. This blog and its comments have been helpful, but we are still struggling.

    First off, I’d like to share a useful tidbit of information: the URL given in the blog for the PI communication channel is for the successFactors demo system; for a real-life implementation the URL is

    Now on to the still-ongoing problems. We have done all the setup and configuration mentoined in the SAP and SuccessFactors documents, and the items mentioned in this blog. Still, when I run tcode HRSFI_COMP_DATA_REPL in the HCM system it throws the error message RCVR_DETERMINATION.NO_RECEIVER_CASE_BE, “No receiver could be determined.” This suggests to me that I need to set up a receiver determination in PI, but I find no mention of that anywhere in the SAP docs or in this blog. So,.my question is this: Is there other Integration Builder config that must be done in PI to get this darn connector to work?! if so, some guidance as to what all needs to be set up, and some examples how these components look when properly configured, would be greatly appreciated.



    • I opened a customer message with SAP on this problem. After a couple of back-and-forths and the expected dodge that this is a consulting issue, not a support issue, the HCM Development Team sent me a powerpoint doc entitled “SAP HCM — SuccessFactors BizX PI Configuration Example.” This document answered almost all of my questions about the PI Integration Directory setup for this integration. The document contains the typical legalese about distributing only with SAP’s permission–and I don’t have such permission, so I will not be posting the document. (I wish I could, because it is immensely helpful!)

      I will provide a general overview of the salient points I gleened from the doc, though.

      1. you need to set up 2 SOAP communication channels; one that uses uses standard HTTP transport protocol and SOAP message protocol, one that uses HTTP (Axis)transport protocol and Axis message protocol. The standard SOAP CC is used for the Login request; all other requests use the Axis CC.

      2. You need to set up a Business Component for SuccessFactors. If you don’t already have one, you also need to set up either a Business Component or a Business System for your HCM system. Associate both communication channels with the SuccessFactors Business Component. On the Receiver tab of the SuccessFactors business component you need to add the inbound interfaces SFSFSessionHandlingLoginQueryResult_In, SFSFSessionHandlingLogoutQueryResult_In, and the interface(s) associated with the upsert you will be performing (in my case its SFSFCompensationManagementUpsertRequestConfirmation_In). On the Sender tab of the HCM BC you need to add the corresponding “_Out” interfaces. Note: in my case I already had a business system for our HCM system, and I was not able to add the interfaces to the Sender tab; that didn’t seem to matter.

      3. You need to set up 3 interface determinations, 3 receiver agreements, and 3 receiver determinations; one of each for the login, the upsert, and the logout.

      4. If you are still stuck ask SAP for a copy of the PI Config Example powerpoint they created in response to my customer message–that doc takes most of the mystery out of the PI setup.

      Cheers and Good Luck,


      • Hi Terry,

        as there is no business system for SAP HCM in my landscape; I am using Business component for it. and i followed same document as you mention to configure on PI integartion directory.  and I’m trying to test this interface using soap UI; i see the message in PI; but has the error “No receiver could be determined” and Ssytem error: Restart not possible.

        any Idea why am I gettting this error.


          • Thanks Terry,

            Interface and reciever determination looked good; but on safer side i deleted them and recreated again. i see different thing on SXMB_moni now, no Error or Sucessfull but  ‘Log Version’ icon.

            and how would SAP HCM test this interface? if  I’m using Business Component. Thanks!

    • Once I got past the “no receiver” error I immediately ran into another error in the Axis adapter in PI: “ Invalid SSL message, peer seems to be talking plain!.”

      I resolution to this error pointed out a couple of instances where the info in this blog dd not work for me( both on the Axis communication channel):

      1. I had to use “none” for authentication.

      2. On the Module tab, I had to remove the two trp entries relating to “proxy”. Once I made those two changes I had no more communication issues with my SuccessFactors Integration add-on.



      • You didn’t require the certificate for authentication as explained by the author in the blog?  I also see that the “SuccessFactors BizX PI Configuration Example” document supplied by SAP doesn’t mention the use of the certificate either. 

        Is the certificate really a requirement or not? 


        • Liz,

          The certificates (all 3 of them) are definitely a requirement. The comments in the blog have a rather detailed discussion of the certificates. The same three certificates must be installed in two different certificate stores in PI. See the blog comments for details.



  • Hi,

    I have a question about SFSF_Soap_Adapter, we tried to use this template, but we have this error.

    Software component version with name SAP BASIS 7.00 not found

    See error logs for details.

    Do you know how i can fixed this issue.

    Thanks for your help.


    • Nicolas,

      I am not sure what you mean by “SFSF SOAP Adapter.” Are you speaking of the receiver communication channel you have created using the SOAP adapter?



  • Hi Suman,

    I wanted to know what needs to be done from SAP HCM side.

    Do we use Outbound proxy to connect to PI, if so where do we write the code for it.

    or we use SOAP adapter to connect to PI.

    • Hi,

      If using Pre – defined content from SAP.

      There is nothing you need to do on coding side.

      Proxies were already written and even reports are already there.

      Reports will fetch data from SAP Tables/Info types and pass it to proxies.

      You just need to schedule these reports .

      On ECC Side, you need to implement the integration pack for success factor and HCM Integration.

      Search following docs on internet for information :-

      1. Note 1708986 – Installation of SFIHCM01 600 on ECC 6.0.

      2. SFI_AdminGuide_200_11_8_2012

      3. Integration Add on 2.0 for SAP HCM and SF Buisness Execution.

      • Hi Prabhat,

        Thanks a lot. I had a few more queries.

        1) We are fetching Recruitment data from Successfactors to SAP. So i think in my case we will require SFIHCM02 600 in SAP PI(software component ) and SAP ECC.

        2) Will the web certificates you installed  remain same in case of recruitment scenario.

        3) I think the 3 Operation mappings( for login,logout, and updation ) in PI will be synchronous. So we will be requiring 2 message mappings in each Operation mapping one each for inbound and outbound. Please confirm my understanding.



  • Hi

    While installing the SOAP Axis adapter through Note 1039369 we downloaded the zip file( faq_axis_adapter). There are two versions 640_minimum_kit and 710_minimum_kit.

    So my query is which version to install (640 or 710). We are using PI 7.0.

  • Questions,

    I change nothing on our  integration, and now we have this error Connection closed by remote host.

    Somebody now if the certificate mechanism has changed on SFSF.



    • Hi Nicolas,

      Is your error still occuring?  We just tried to send Employee Data to SuccessFactors for the first time and we got a similar error:

      Message processing failed. Cause: Connection reset

      I’m not sure if it’s something we have configured wrong since we haven’t been able to test this until now.

      Has anyone else had this error?


      • Nic and Liz,

        Try looking from the SFSF perspective. Is the SFSF API log showing that a connection was requested? If so, the problem is probably in SFSF, not in PI. Try logging in to SFSF with the userid/password that is configured in the HCM system. Make sure that userid in SFSF is configured for use with the API. There is also a place in SFSF (can’t exactly remember where) where you specify that a call from a certain user from a certain IP address should not be checked for password expiration; you may need to configure that as well.



        • Hey Terry,

          I just wanted to post a follow up and let you know I was able to get it all working shortly after your posting.  Logging into the SFSF website I was able to determine that our call wasn’t even getting there.  After a conversation with one of our firewall guys he noticed that the bootip address hadn’t been added to the firewall rule and that was the hangup.  After he fixed that issue the calls went through just fine.  🙂

          Thanks again for your responses as well as to Suman for this helpful blog posting!


          • hi Elizabeth,

            i am trying to configure the same but i am getting

   Connection closed by remote host.

            Any suggestions on this.

            thanks and regards,

            Praveen T

          • Hi Praveen,

            When we were getting the connection closed error it was because there was an issue with the firewall rule.

            First, log into the SuccessFactors website with the API account using your company id/account/password.  Go to the Admin Tools and look at the API Audit Log.  You will be able to see if your PI login soap call made it to SuccessFactors.  If it’s not failing on the SuccessFactors side, the issue is somewhere on your end.  In my case, it was a missing IP address from the firewall rule.Have the person who set up the firewall rule look at the log and they will be able to see if your call is being blocked.

            Also look in the commuincation channel monitor and make sure your channels started and run without any errors errors.


          • Hi Elizabeth,

            Thanks for the response.

            There is no firewall settings on the PI server required as it has direct connection with internet.

            Now coming to the issue. there is a peculiar thing. Successfactor has provide one URL(https://******/****/v1/soap)  where we are getting conneciton closed error but we are successfully able to make connection to demo api URL( which is mentioned in the many of the blogs. So we are assuming it no issues from SAP PI end.

            thanks and regards,

            Praveen T

  • quick answer from anybody…

    Once the communication channels are configured and the certificates are in the keystore, I should be able to ping each communication channel correct?


  • Hi Suman,

    Thanks for sharing about “SAP HCM and SuccessFactors BizX Integration Using SAP PI”. 🙂

    Very nicely explained and posted. Keep up the good work. Very valuable information.


    Hari Suseelan

  • Hello,

    I’ve notice that in ur Communication Channel the adapter type is from SAP BASIS 7.02.

    Does it works fine with SAP BASIS 7.01?

    I’m having a Axis: fatal error in invocation: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError

    could it be related to the SAP BASIS version?

    • Felipe,

      I’m not sure about the 7.01, but the Axis error may be something different. Have you installed the Axis adapter on your PI server? if not, that’s the first thing to do.



  • Thanks for covering technical points & letting us know more into SF Integration.

    Keep coming with more such Innovative documents, await from you more in near future.

    I liked that nitty-gritty word being phrased in the document. 😛

    Cheers 😉


  • We are using the PI to integrate SF with SAP data for Recruitment and getting an error for User ID while getting the data from SF to SAP. SAP
    USERID (when not numeric) is all UPPERCASE while SF is Case Sensitive.  We
    convert the USERID in the middleware to UPPERCASE, but PI returns the converted
    information, not the original Mixed case information which generates an
    inconsistency and fails.

    Any ideas? To my knowledge, the User ID (Subtype 0001 of IT0105) always get stored in upper case (CAPITALS) at table or database level. Are we missing something here?

  • Hello,

    Could you help me? Thank you!!

    I had been testing the following service in Soap UI from Successfactors certificate:

    – SFSFSessionHandlingLoginQueryResult.

    The error in Soap UI:




             <faultstring>Server Error</faultstring>


                <s:SystemError xmlns:s=”“>



                   <text> Mapping failed



      at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(

    I had verified the mapping and I didn’t find any error… Have you ever seen that? Could you help me to solve this problem?

    Thank you!

  • Hi,

    I am trying to implement the Recruitment scenario via SAP PI.

    In the standard ESR content downloaded I could see that all the flows in the standard Process Integration Scenario are synchronous flows initiating from SAP to SuccessFactors as all the outbound Service interfaces are under SAP HCM, could you please help me in understanding how the inbound flow like when a candidate is selected in SuccessFactors or Transfer of Applications from SuccessFactors to SAP ERP is supported by the standard content?